Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for October 2017!

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Which cryptocurrency is the best to buy, sell and hold today? What will the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ETC, Dash, BCH, Ripple, NEM, Monero, IOTA, NEO, OMG, Lisk, BitConnect, Qtum, Stratis, Zcash, Waves, XLM and Steem be in October 2017? I hope this post answers these questions and makes trading on Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinbase, Bitfinex and Bitstamp easier for these digital currencies in October 2017!

Quick Cryptocurrency Price Predictions October 2017!

What to buy?


I want to buy about $10,000 more of Steem. My wife, after months, is finally going to put some in herself, she volunteered and I'm so excited, "Oh my God, I want to buy the Steem for you."

I need to go buy that as soon as possible because I keep putting things out, and then when I want to go buy more, the price is up like 20%, and I feel like, "What the hell happened?"

"Oh, I just put a video up earlier, and now the price bumped. I'm going to go buy that before I put this video up this time, instead of after."

Do you think I'm some super smart wizard genius?

Yes, I don't even think to buy stuff right before I pump it.

Full disclosure

I personally am holding Steem and it is my number one buy. That is the only thing I'm holding because I'm a one cryptocurrency man.

I think Steem is the most incredible thing ever for cryptocurrency, this is the one that allows the entire market or 99% of the people that have no money to invest, to actually contribute and earn decent with Steem.

I have all my money in Steem, $65,000, as you can see in he image below.

There we go, that's my full disclosure.

I am like a one cryptocurrency man, similar to how I do marriage.

I think it is better if I just go all-in on one currency. I'm all-in on Steem, and I will keep saying buy Steem until it goes up to $10, which I think will happen within six months or less.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let's go in to all of the others.

BitShares, Ethereum Classic, SingularDTV, Zcash, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens

I think BitShares looks like a great buy right now. This is my second buy recommendation. BitShares went up as high as 40 cents, maybe even 45 cents before, and it has recently totally tanked down to 6.7 cents.

Ethereum Classic is another buy recommendation. It went up to $20 and it has tanked down to $10. I think it has some good potential if you realize that Ethereum may be having a lot of backlash over its proof of stake and recent changes, then it's a good time for people to switch to Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum is worth twenty something times, almost thirty times today, Ethereum Classic. There is a good opportunity there.

SingularDTV may be a good buy. I hear there are big plans to essentially compete with Netflix, get stars on board. The price is down about from the high of 24 cents, it might be a good buy or it might not.

I've seen comments on these videos, saying, "Jerry, I bought this, and I lost thousands of dollars."

You're welcome.

If you follow any of this stuff, maybe this was the divine intervention you needed. Maybe this was the tip from the devil to get you to lose your hard earned money.

I already told you what I'm doing, I'm holding on buying all Steem. I'm all-in on Steem. If you buy some of these cryptocurrencies, you may make some money off them, I've seen a lot more comments of people saying, "Jerry, oh my God, I made so much money. Thank you."

However, you might lose money. I might be wrong.

Just want to sing right now:

"You may be right. I may be crazy."

"Hey, but it just might be a lunatic you're looking for."

Zcash recently tanked also down to $167. It had a huge hype launch and a crazy speculation. It has recently tanked and it might be a good time to buy some Zcash.

Litecoin just got added onto Bitstamp, along with Ethereum. Litecoin is good. I actually like Litecoin and use it to send payments. It is one of the main currencies I use just to make transactions. Litecoin just pumped up to $70 or $80, and just dumped back below $50, it might be a good time to buy.

Stellar Lumens just took a huge dump in price from 4 cents down under to one cent. It's a huge dump and might be a good buy. That might be totally wrong as well.

What to sell?

Now, let's see what to sell.

"Oh, Jerry, you said sell Dash, because you're so hurt. You sold it at $87."

Dash is up to $300 right now, and it just dropped a hundred dollars in one day, like it was no big deal. I think Dash has an epic drop coming, epic drop, but it's $300 right now. It's almost as high as it has ever been.

I say sell Dash if you have got it. Now, I might be wrong. Coinbase might stick Dash on next, and it might go to $1,000.

I think now is a really good time to sell Dash. Yes, I've been saying that since May when I sold my Dash at $87. I still think it's a good time and I still may be right or wrong, I don't know.

Monero, just did an epic pump, which I called in last month. I said Monero is in a good position to pump, and Monero pumped.

Now, did I make that happen?

Ego says, "Yes."

Humility says, "Maybe."

Alter ego says, "No, Maybe.”

After Monero's epic pump, it might be a good time to sell right now because it will likely slide back down a bit more as it corrects to maybe $60.

BitConnect is at $106, sell. We will leave it at that.

EOS, sell!

A ton more EOS is being created every single day and it's going to keep deflating.

EOS is continuing to go down in value because there's so much more of it being made, there's going to be almost a billion EOS available after the first year of its launch.

That means a lot of deflation. You might have bought it at $1, but even at 60 cents, I'd say sell. Take the loss and get out of it, unless you personally are doing something to market it and contribute to it.

PIVX is at $3.40, that's wild. I'm saying sell on PIVX also. I might be wrong, I might be right, but I'm saying sell on PIVX.

NEO helped me remember why I'm a one man cryptocurrency.

On one of my last live streams viewers encouraged me to buy NEO. I bought it at $30, and it proceeded to drop down to almost $10, maybe $15. Then, it went back up to $19. I sold my NEO and bought more Steem with it.

I think NEO has a good possibility in the future, but I don't see whether it's going to make into that very top. I think NEO could dump a bit more.

Sell all the rest of these cryptocurrencies: OmiseGo, Lisk, Qtum, Stratis and Ark.

They may not be this high again for years.

Now, that's why I'm saying to sell these.

Would you be happy holding on to these if it took three years for the price to get back where it is now?

If Steem dumps and it takes three years to go back to $1, that's fine with me because I have absolute faith that Steem will be $10 plus someday. If it takes three years, it may go to $100 from $10. I will hold my Steem indefinitely.

What to hold?

Finally, these are my hold recommendations.

"Hold" means if you don't have any, don't buy any. If you do have some, hold on to it and see what happens because the Bitcoin price may go back up to $5,000, it may dump down to $2,000. There are tons of fear, uncertainty and doubt, which I have come to learn is called FUD.

We're FUD?

What's the FUD?

I would say Bitcoin could easily gravitate between $3,000 and $4,000. There's not a clear case to buy or sell. Now, the hype machines, which have been sending tons of traffic to my videos have been saying, "It could go to $5,000 $10,000 or $20,000."

Yes, it could, but it might dump.

Bitcoin could dump down to $2,000 or $1,000 before it goes to $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000.

Most things don't go straight up.

Therefore I'm saying, whatever Bitcoin we have got now, it's probably a good thing to just hold on to it. It seems like it will be a very good long-term investment, but it may be worth a lot more in the future. Selling it right now, you might miss out on the long term, but buying in right now, there may be a much lower price. It's still up towards the high end of where it has been.

As you can see, the price can dump $500 in a day. If you really want to buy in to Bitcoin, wait for the next big dump. It just happened, several hundred dollars, but there easily could be another one right after that.

It's like when you have an argument in a relationship where you start getting into this pattern, and you just have the same argument over and over again.

Well, a lot of the drops for these currencies are the same way. There's one big drop, and then it comes back a little bit, then there's another big drop and it comes back a little bit, and then another big drop.

Now, I think it's a good time to just hold these currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, NEM, IOTA and Waves.

Now, I say "hold," if you want to invest long term with them. Most all of them are not good to just simply hold on to exchange and bet on the price.

That's again why I use Steem because the Steem I've got in my Steem wallet allows me to earn more Steem all the time.

By just holding Bitcoin in a wallet, you're essentially losing money every day if the price stays the same because every day more Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, NEM, Waves and IOTA are being created on an ongoing basis.

I may be wrong on one of those currencies, I don't know everything. The idea is that all of them are in a good spot to hold right now.

If you're already holding some, they may go up significantly more or they may drop down significantly more. It's not a good time to buy into a lot of them.

Now, you might say, "Yes, Ethereum at $245, it could ride back up to $500."

It could, but it could also go down to $50 or $100.

If you remember, Bitcoin went over $1,000, and then dropped all the way down to $170. When Bitcoin was at $170 that was the time to buy, I bought 20 or 30 Bitcoin when it was at $170. I then panicked like a total noob that I was, and sold at $200 something. Then, I started buying back in at $300 and $400.

Now, it's almost never a good time to buy when the price is the highest it has ever been and yet, most of us want to buy when things are high. All of these I'd say are good things to hold.

Now, I've given you just the basics.

Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for October 2017 Explained

What I will do now is show some more of these graphs to explain why I recommend to buy, hold or sell.


These are my buy recommendations and I'm going to say, "Buy," every day on Steem until it reaches the $10 price.

I have a vision that Steem will be at $1,067 one day for one Steem. That's why I have 60,000 Steem today. Now, do the math, that's $60 million.

I think Steem is the only one of these cryptocurrencies that has true mass adoption potential because it's the only one I know of where it's easy or at least possible for a person with no money to start participating, to make an outstanding contribution and to actually earn good money off of it.

Now, some of these others are also good opportunities.

I've made a Word document so that next month I will compare my recommendations and score them with these exact prices.

We are all done with this Word document.

Now, let's get into the data.

Full disclosure

I think a full disclosure is important for transparency. All these recommendations are guesses I've made because everyone's just guessing, that's the truth.


All my money is in Steem because it has a ton of organic traffic and has the most transactions.

If you look at my blog, you can actually essentially mine Steem by blogging. I make posts on Steem, this is just a blog.

These posts have a chance to get ranked very high in Google search and they have a chance to make money on Steem. Plus, the more Steem I have in my wallet, the more I can then upvote my own posts as I've shown a bunch of times in lots of my videos.

Now, I will show you one more thing about Steem, and then I will get into the details on the rest of these currencies because that's real, this is the one I'm holding.

I made this cryptocurrency price predictions post last month.

I will show you right now why Steem is so incredible. As an online marketer, I think that it's only going to take a few more people to catch on to this. A few more people, one or two more big investors who figure this out, and then it will be an absolute explosion in the price.

This is a massive post I have over here, a huge post.

Now, look at the number of views I have: 22,901 views, and I made this post only 24 days ago.

Now, this is a true equal opportunity because the whole website ranks high. If you do the same work that I do, if you make great posts on Steem, you can get a lot of people to find the posts.

That's why Steem is incredible

Now, I earned $159 on this post, which for me doesn't even cover the cost to get it transcribed and edited into a 10,000 or so word post, but look at that, these views are mostly from Google search.

Now, if you have tried to make a blog or a YouTube channel before, you know how hard it is to get views. You may realize that's hard to get those amount of views. This is what Steem does really well, not just the views, but the comments.

Look at all these comments and the one reason it ranks so well in search is also because of all these comments.

This is why I'm so pumped about Steem.

That's my number one investment. That's why I think Steem is going to actually be the number one cryptocurrency over Bitcoin in maybe three to five years.

There won't be any reason to hold Bitcoin when you can put it on Steem, when you can earn money upvoting your posts or other people's post, and earn money on interest.

It's crazy, that's why I have everything into it with all that I know.

But, I realize that you may not agree with me. You may have different investment objectives. Therefore, let's look at some of these currencies in more detail.


I suggested to hold Bitcoin and as you can see, it's towards the high end of where it's ever been before, making it very risky now. It did just take a big price drop.

If you look at some more long-term data, the Bitcoin price epically pumped to $1,149 in 2013.

Then, it took three years to reach that same price again and that's why I mentioned the three years earlier. It may take a lot longer to go up more. Most things in life don't just keep going up. In July, it went up to almost $3,000. It dropped down a bit, and then it went straight up to $4,000.

We don't know what part of this curve we're in, we may be towards the top or towards the bottom. It could go up to $10,000, or $20,000. There's a good chance though, that the higher, the more attention and interest it gets, the more problems that are attracted, the more naysayers, the more fight that encourages things to go back down.

The true value of Bitcoin has continued to go up a little bit at a time. The real price of Bitcoin probably should be about $2,000 right now. However, it could get speculated up a lot higher. Now, the price is going up faster and faster than the true value every day, and we're a little out of sync.


Ethereum has also exploded unbelievably, which is why I suggest to hold Ethereum.

Now, if you've noticed with the Bitcoin price going up, Ethereum has actually went down a lot relative to Bitcoin.

Even though the Ethereum price spiked really high to $400 before, relative to Bitcoin, it's actually been dropping, which leaves it very vulnerable if Bitcoin takes a big drop, Ethereum may take a big drop with it.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is hoping that it can influence the Bitcoin price.

However, one of the things I believe I was wrong about last month, is my Bitcoin Cash prediction. If you look at the data, it looks like Bitcoin Cash may just essentially fade out from here. It may just continue to dump and dump overtime as people realize there's no point in having Bitcoin Cash alongside of Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin Cash may dump a whole lot down here.

There's a person who has a ton of Bitcoin Cash, hence controlling the Bitcoin mining. They are very powerful. They may be able to all by themselves, essentially get the price to go up a whole bunch, that's possible.


Ripple had a huge pump before, but you can see Ripple's Bitcoin price, even though the price of Bitcoin was lower in 2013, Ripple has actually been higher to the price of Bitcoin before. It was up as much as 8,000, and it's actually lower than it's been before.

Ripple had a huge amount of excitement and it's recently tanked, and then went back up. Whether it's going to go up or down, it might be a good time to hold.


Litecoin looks like it's in a really good spot to buy, because it just hit an epic pump.

As I recommended about a month ago, I said Litecoin was a very good buy, I said buy Litecoin, and it went up to almost $80 at one point.

Now, it really plunged almost to $32 in one day. Litecoin, may be a good buy again given that the new ceiling is at $70 or $80.

Now, keep in mind, I only recommend buying based on what I'm doing. I'm holding all of my Steem, because I'm not planning on selling it. I personally accept that I'm not up for trading.

Now, if you want to trade and just make money, then go for it. I think the best strategy is to buy and hold, and contribute to one community.

Some of these recommendations may very be based on the approach you are taking.


Now, let's look at Dash.

If you look at last month for Dash, this is a good insight. Dash, all of a sudden blows up with a one big buy. I think it was on Bithumb, the Korean exchange.

Then, see how fast it tanked. It was up to $384 for a while, and then suddenly, it drops down to $300. Then, all of a sudden, it drops down to a low of $221 in one day.

Dash almost lost half its value in just a couple of weeks. Dash is extremely vulnerable to a huge price drop because there's so much hype about Dash, and there's so little end user adoption according to the data I can see.

Now, there are lots of investors, companies and developers, but how many people are making real transactions with Dash?

One Dash didn't use to be that much. When I started using it, it was $10, but now it's $300, so that's a lot more. How many real transactions like sending a friend a little bit of Dash are taking place?

Dash right now, has a huge hype, huge excitement. It does very good at marketing, which means when the hype and excitement gets pierced by a huge price drop, I will be interested to see if Dash can survive the price drop, because most of us get used to things being a certain way.

When the Dash price goes through the death spiral, will it ever come back out?

When the Masternode budget, and the community members are used to having these huge amounts of money available to give out, will it ever come back from having none?

Steem is a great example of the death spiral. I really like Steem, because it already survived a huge death drop.

Steem got pumped to $4 a year ago, and it went down to seven cents. People still continued using it, not only that, but from seventy cents, when I joined and started pumping it, it went up to almost $3.

Now, it has gone back down, and the problem is mainly on Poloniex. Steem is a dollar right now and you can't even withdraw it on Poloniex.

Some of these currencies like Dash, are extremely vulnerable to lose a huge amount of value in a very short time because it only takes one Masternode owner who sees something bad coming to unload the 10 Masternodes they got, or maybe even 100 Masternodes. They just unload those at once, and the price might never come back, or it may take three years.

I think Dash is extremely vulnerable to this. Although it could go up to $500 or $600 if there's some good news, like it could get adopted by Coinbase or Bitstamp.

In my opinion, there might be some better ones to pick based on transactions, but in terms of ease of access and use, Dash potentially could get picked up and it could spike up to $500 or $600 before it drops.

I promoted Dash and hyped it up, so I'm an example of how that happened. I think it could go either way and it's a good one if you want to participate in the community. My friend Albert participates in the community. You might be able to get a budget, you might be able to get a part of the Masternode. I don't think Dash is very good to just buy and hold though. If you want to buy and hold a lot of it, you really need to have a Masternode to get that extra Dash every few days.


I called Monero exactly last month. I said right here on August 21 that Monero was a really good buy and was in a good position to pump at $54.

Right after that, it goes up to $90. Did that happen because of my video or is that complete coincidence? I don't know. Then, the price actually blew up after that to $150.

Now, the price is correcting a bit because I think it was a little low given that Monero seems to be the top choice for black market now, although Bitcoin is still number one, the use of Monero makes it a lot easier to do anonymous transactions. Apparently it's much easier than using Dash and the transactions are by default.

This is the main thing Monero has going for it, it's becoming a choice of the black market. Therefore, Monero might be a good time to sell now while it's at $93, but given that it's been up to $150, it could go even higher. I'm grateful I've got data to show that one so well.

Other cryptocurrencies

A lot of these other cryptocurrencies are just sitting up here way too high and have almost no end users.

End users are what give the value of a currency.

Now if you look at Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin, they have value because millions of users have wallets.

There's probably under a thousand users of Dash that have wallets by now and it doesn't seem to be that many actual transactions each day.

The problem is that when you get deeper down into some of these cryptocurrencies, especially the new ones, there are very few actual users who are making true transactions with them.

Another reason I love Steem is that it is the number one currency in terms of transactions.

I believe that Steem has more transactions every day than Bitcoin and Etherium combined. That's a function of end users, this is a critical data point for Steem right here with 373,000 accounts.

That's why Steem is sweet, you can see how many actual accounts there are with it.

Some of these other currencies, you can go look at the transaction data.

On, you can see how many transactions there are each day for Bitcoin, and this is what tends to give things value. If you look, there are hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin transactions per day.

If you look at this over a period of two years, what you will see is that the number of Bitcoin transactions have consistently went up, and especially if you look at it all time.

One of the bottom line values of a cryptocurrency is how many transactions take place with it.

If you look you'll see that Bitcoin initially there would be only hundreds of transactions per day, then up to thousands of transactions per day, then up to tens of thousands of transactions per day, then all of a sudden up to fifty thousands transactions a day, and now steadily increasing up to hundreds of thousands of transactions a day.

What you will notice is that for one of the first times, the transaction value of Bitcoin has actually started to drop off a little bit.

This gets right back to the point I've been making about all these, the problem is that there's no reason to participate in Bitcoin if you don't have any money.

Now, you can get in and talk in the forums, you can participate in the discussion, but there's no reason to make a Bitcoin wallet if you don't have any money or you can’t find some way to make money with it.

This is a lot of fun for speculators, traders and if you've got some money that you want to invest, but we're getting to the point where there are so many people that we're reaching critical mass, at least with Bitcoin where the people with money who want to participate make wallets and participate, but you can see this isn't mass adoption, hundreds of thousands of transactions a day.

You can see the transaction volume actually dropping even as the price spikes. I think this is a clear proof that the price of Bitcoin may actually be headed for a down turn.

Usually a drop in transactions is associated with a drop in price. The transactions will tend to spike right before something goes down, so the time to buy on something is a lot of transactions per day.

If you look at the transactions per day in Bitcoin again, you can see that there are in hundreds of thousands.

If I go to SteemDB, you're going to see that there are tons of Steem transactions compared to Bitcoin.

In the last 24 hours, there have been 770,000 transactions in Steem and that's more than Bitcoin already.

There's a lot more micro transactions on Steem, but what you want to do if you really want to see how much value there is in these different cryptocurrencies is to look at their transactions.

We can have a look at what is showing us.

Look at the transactions on these cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has 193,632 transactions in the last 24 hours.

Ethereum has 316,988 transactions.

Now obviously, it's not completely about transactions, as you can see the last transactions for Bitcoin have a higher value per transaction.

When you start looking down here, you can see how the transactions shrink.

Bitcoin Cash is a good indication that it may be way overvalued with 5,598 transactions in the last 24 hours. That's a very small amount of transactions.

When you go over to Litecoin you can see that there are 22,549 transactions in the last 24 hours.

In my opinion, transactions are some of the bottom line value. It matters how many people are holding, but you also want to know how many transactions are happening on a daily basis.

Then you can look at Dash and this is one of the things I critique Dash for, there are only 6,123 transactions, now that's a good number of transactions, that's more than Bitcoin Cash, but given the price, given the total number of transactions, that's a pretty small overall.

A lot of these Dash transactions are also probably masternode payments. There’s something like a thousand masternode payments every day that are transactions as well.

If you look at the amount of transactions, this is going to help you see how much actual money and how many people are making transfers. That can include one person transferring money to and from an exchange as well.

Then you can see things like Ethereum Classic with 36,945 transactions. That's one of the reasons I recommend buying Ethereum Classic, it has a lot of transactions given its value.

If you compare that with Dash, I realize it's not a strict apples to apples comparison, but Ethereum Classic has six times as many transactions, and that's a good sign.

Zcash has 4,251 transactions and Dogecoin 16,936 transactions, it might be worth looking into this one.

Then, when you start going lower on some of the transactions, you can see that a lot of these other coins have hardly anyone actually using them.

Looking at these charts is a good way to get the idea of what kind of real value there is in a cryptocurrency.

Final words

Thank you very much for reading this post, which was originally filmed as the video below!

Would you please leave a like on the video to help me know if I should do another one of these or upvote this post on Steemit?

The feedback on this video and the previous one about my September predictions was so positive that I got this post created for you here out of the video. I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

If you found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please upvote it and follow me because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed?


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Thanks for sharing

Very happy to have picked up a few thousands, my frist 4 digit crypto investment(!), on what so far seems to have been the dip (got it at Bitcoin 3100, and STEEM at 86c).

At least for STEEM, I think up is the only way from here. Especialyl with so much exciting news on the horizon, and the site visit numbers starting to go up! I'm very grateful Jerry that you got me introduced to steemit through your videos back in June. It sure has opened up a whole new and exciting space for me both in terms of writing (something I always wanted but never got around to do, as starting a blog seemed like so much of a hassle) and also in terms of good new relationships with people on the paltform. So thatnks a lot!

As for other purchases this month. I think for me STEEM will still be the main holding. But EOS is also at very good price in my mind, and with potential new confusion around bitcoin coming up with a potential new fork, I believe Litecoin could be a good call (at least in value relative to the BTC price).

Anyways, that would be my 50c of SBD.

Again thanks for the work you do for the paltform! Steem on :)

This is an interesting post. It will take me two days to finish reading it and digest it.
I laugh when I read your post, I think it is genuine your predictions. I got to watch the video too.
As always we all can tell you are all in.

Keep on steemit @jerrybanfield

This post deserve a resteem.
Well done !!

You posts are wonderful. A huge repository of information.

Bitcoin has 193,632 transactions in the last 24 hours
Ethereum has 316,988 transactions.

I'm thinking much of the ETH TX's are for ICO's. I typically move ETH around more than BTC these days. Much faster, in my experience.

Dammit it bought a whole load of omg...

The thing I like most about investing in steel is the fact that you can use the crypotocurrency to HELP others and yourself! It is one of the only double investments I see right now and it's absolutely amazing. I'm doubling down! Thanks for the post @jerrybanfield


Just food for thought -- Steemit with 300,00 plus users equals $1 plus Steem __Steemit with 3 million users equals $10 Steem. When is the projection for that to happen or is it a long shot at best. Just guessing.

I'm somewhat more optimistic about the future price of Bitcoin as I have been reading that the SEC is about to approve a couple ETF's for Bitcoin. This could provide wide exposure and an easy and familiar way for individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies. You know the big firms setting up ETF's will pump the hell out of them. I'm holding to see what happens on that front.

@jerrybanfield you know this is nuts, right?

I hope your predictions are right. I'm planning to invest a great part of my capital into it. Fingers crossed!

A great part of your Capital ? Mehn be careful because deep down and sure you don't understand all the features of Steem. Its promising but get in with care

Great work @jerrybanfield ! Congratulations ! Upvoted here and as witness .

I like your predictions , I'll do some moves after watching your post ,thank you !

@landmine thank you for upvote ! have a nice day

Wow that's very optimistic for STEEM. My order of priority as investment is STEEM, BTC and some very minor positions of other cryptocurrencies. My bet is that Steemit platform will rocket due the many parallel developments going on today.

To name a few i'd just reported of my user experience of SteemConnect 2.0 and also of DSound. DTube another great dev you already use. All these developments will serve as catalyst in short to mid term to reach mass adoption i think.

If Steemit looks like a modern, sleek social platform like the contenders plus the great income opportunity there is no reason to stay on other platforms in my point of view. The dense, valuable information which is gathered here all day is priceless (ok everything has a price.. you see i'm excited too 😁). Stay on STEEM!

Sell Omisego Jerry? Omisego 👉↗

Selling OmiseGo now is like selling Bitcoin back in 2012

@jerrybanfield what should the marketcap be for EOS when the ITO is done in about 8,5 months?

Crazy times and new high coming soon, strong long X100

@jerrybanfield - I know obviously you're extremely bullish on STEEM, and the argument seems to be that more users = higher price, but I'm wondering if that will necessarily be the case. The price will only go up if more people purchase STEEM, not just use the platform, right?

You've said that some "big investors" will buy a lot of STEEM but I'm wondering what the value is for them to do that? Is it just to earn the returns leasing out SP?

Would love to know your thoughts on this.

Steem is probably the best choice for now.
I m inn

You are certainly convincing about Steemit. I've got a fair bit (not like you) and accumulating more.

Can you tell me about being a "witness?" What is one, and does someone become one? What's the purpose?


Upvoted and resteemed.

Mannnn this is long... and I love it. Watching the video as I type this haha

Another home run. Thanks Jerry.

should i buy and hold Litecoin? Does it have long term poteltial?

STEEM at below $1.00 or thereabouts is ALWAYS a good buy. The fact that there's already real world use for it here and now.

However, it's also prudent to diversify a bit and not put all of our cryptos in one basket. Having some in BTC and an already running platform/project like Tenx may help provide a cushion in case something happens.

Hey @jerrybanfield The holy monk I am too much optimist over Steem going to buy as much as I can, Holy Monk I ask you because after reading your enthusiastic and optimistic post I am here a broken businessman due to collapse of my my business six months back, I have a lot of hopes from Steemit whenever I am feeling nervous I come to Steemit and open your posts and sometimes your wallet and hopes all will be well in the end and I have a portfolio like you in next six months.
Love you friend.
Thank you

I don't agree about Dash. They will be releasing Evolution next year and there is hype around it. It is the same with every crypto. If they succeed we could see Dash above 1000 USD. People are currently accumulating for the big event.

There's no fee to send steem and no entry barrier on earning steem like the need to own some hardware or buy a lot of coins to stake so obviously steem will go to Pluto.

@jerrybanfield your prediction is high rated and also in this way you pupm all these coins.

This man is mad, don't trust him, 70% people lost their money on his false predictions. you can check on his youtube videos, he will only suggest those to you where he can get profit for himself.... After all he also says that he's not financial expert & you will be responsible for your actions (after showing/advising his personal opinions to his followers).
Note down my words that all cryptocurrencies some how linked with Bitcoin obviously & if bitcoin will go up then every currency will have stable price, if bitcoin goes down every currency will fall to the floor in no time.. we have seen that already many times... some artificially controlled new currencies are running by these type of people who market for them.. & once the time become perfect for sale, they sale out them without any notice kept their maximum profit... then the price goes down to the floor & they say It was please stick on Top 5 currencies that are stable & have good future... don't invest/waste your bitcoins for this man !

This Jerry guy entered the crypto space way too early. If he had kept all his holdings ,he could have been in the millions by now but he keeps jumping from this to that. He's going all in on Steem and I think that's too risky considering that Steem has so many features that are kinda confusing.

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Amen! I'm a one cryptocurrency man too, since I met STEEM. I think to say that it's the tip of the iceberg for STEEM is an understatement. It is more like a drop in the ocean... No an atom in the universe! So much room for growth! I also believe that a $10 STEEM is very near, just wait until we get the new communities feature and a new user experience then the power of STEEM will be seen. And then mobile apps will expose this thing to millions and it will just explode!

P.S. I'm a one woman man too. It's like an investment you know, the more you put in to the relationship the more you get out of it. Spreading your resources around will get you very little value

It's funny that STEEM is a top pick and yet not many people are aware of it yet. I guess that's how it is with cryptocurrency. It just explodes and then people start paying attention. Like Ethereum did.

Thanks for that great article.

Ripple is also a good investment..
Bitcoin is soon going seperate into parts by november due to harfork.
You will get full info in my post @jitesh on Bitcoin separation.

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I love to read each and every post of yours
I have to admit that this is is the Best post av seen today . who else agrees??

All good advice unless Jamie Dimon sticks his nose where it doesn't belong again or China decides to keep putting out news of new bans on cryptocurrency.

So I am just new to Steem this week and just found you but this is close to the coolest post I have come across so far I'm following you. If you are doing these sorts of updates regularly then that's freaking awesome. The love for Steem got me pretty excited as well as I had not really thought about how high it could go but I guess the sky is the limit really as its really immature at the moment. I took a second to think about it then got my cloud mining to keep ticking it over!

Cool post man keep doing what you are doing :)

Buy. Hold on. Disclaimer. Buy.

Oh my Jerry. I remember I found you on of your videos in which you exclaimed, and I quote: "I have an endless capacity to talk". You have got to be using transcriptors man, cause I think that capacity extends to writing as well.
I love the paragraph on Dash where you subtly key in the ultimate truth, and I quote again: "I don't know". Overall, keep up the energy, your advice is heard. Thanks 😉

This is what i was waiting for
That's why i hold some cryptos for later benefit after selling them
Ghanks man
You did fantastic job i guess
Please keep posting
Love it

I go for Bitcoin , Bitconnect and steem with hope of 10x potential

These are very good cryptocurrencies ...however am more bullish on steem ...just like you.
Do not forget to see my post on Dtube ability to kill Youtube when you are free...wish you success

I liked your buy signals...specially Bitshares which I think has bottomed out after its June pump...Also, after China's exchange ban I believe decentralized exchange like Bitshares has a good growth potential...I guess this is the best time to get in and make a long position.

Well written.
Instead of packing all eggs in one basket in form of putting all your money in steemit.
I feel its dangerous...Why not diversify
Check out how you could diversify and invest in Resonance Capital via this link

Steem is almost always a great buy, because it has a platform that thousands of people believe in and a hardworking/active developer team.

I also think EOS could be a good buy mostly because of the work they've been doing and the people behind it.

Thanks for the post, Jerry.

Those are some great buy, sell and hold predictions. I love your energy and enthusiasm in your videos .I too see steem surging upwards to $10 or more. If I had cash I would buy more steem, litecoin and bitshares as we may never see them this low. Thank you for sharing with us those predictions, time will prove you right :)

The first time I heard about cryptocurrencies was on 2015, but I was so skiptical at that time. If I should have bought bitcoin that year, I maybe have some good money now. If I could only turn back the times.

Thanks a lot for these predictions! Now you got a new follower. Keep this stuff going and you are going to be one of the most influential persons when Steemit explodes in its popularity!!!!

You wrote the whole book, but the forecasts do not always come true. Thank you for the information.

Thanks for the post
I like it very interesting. I'm new to this network. I would like to learn more

Nice Job!

I've seen a few people speculating with the FUD in China about exchanges people may switch over to bitshares over there which could potentially cause the price to moon. Bitshares is a great recomendation, but risky right now.

I've also seen a few people jumping back on the ETC train after months of dumping. I'm optimistic since I've been stuck with ETC that's lost about 50% of it's value.

For the most part great hold and dump recomendations from what I've seen. Most of the dumps are at or near ATH's and declining and your holds are coins that seem to be wanting to break out and just waiting for some momentun, maybe this post will give them the momentum they've been looking for!

Are you sure?

Hi @jerrybanfield. Please notice this comment. Thank you for reaching out on my post about my password sent in a memo. I appreciate it! I wonder how you knew it and where did I did that? I can't see it on my wallet to be honest.

Also, as a suggestion. How about featuring users who promoted Steemit in their Town? Or in their community? City? Or even in their university?

Promoters of Steemit


When you say Steem has no dilution effect; doesn't that come from the 10% issued every year based on the market cap?

I am ready for the future Jerry!

Re-steeming this awesome post to my 2700+ followers.

Even emailing this to all my friends along with invite to join

Wait to you see who is going to sign up that I contacted on YouTube; after he signs up I will do a Greetings Post to him.

I bought 4550 STEEM will be buying more as my stocks are being sold off...

Another nice coin too with prospects too is sys . However u am really looking forward to seeing steem touch $10 having stayed at 1._ for quite some time now

Thanks for the great advice Jerry. I have sold my children and bought steem... Just kidding. But I am in fact slowly moving out of other coins and putting them in STEEM. I see the value of what we already have here and Facebook and YouTube censorship is literally going to make steemit explode. Kepp up the great work. I admire the enthusiasm that you have .

Glad to see you're so optimistic about Steem! As human beings, we're often more risk averse because we make decisions to not lose instead of winning big. If you're interested in the new wave of privacy coins, I highly recommend checking out Zcoin (not Zcash). It differs from Zcash in that you can actually see the amounts (which prevents millions of Zcash just being created out of thin air and nobody knowing about it). Also, the dev team is great and they are just about to release masternodes which in other coins have historically made the price shoot to the moon. Cheers!

Jerry, you are one of the reasons I love Steemit. Good info as always, thorough and clear. I can grow thanks to people like you and have the possibility to give back some day. Still a noob, but being able to access so much content, gives me hope!

I want all your predictions to be fulfilled!
Steemit is a great platform and honestly it is one of the newest things I have found in this matter!

I am a very small user, but I will gradually invest in Steem, I do not know how much it can increase, but I am practically sure that it will ... it has a great community that cares about its good development :)

Thank you very much for this post @jerrybanfield

I was really suprised that you only hold one type of cryptocurency.

I think Bitcoin currently is on the rise and will rise not only up to it's August levels of 4000$ but it may break the resistance of 4100-4200$ this time around. However, Ethereum is a better bet then Bitcoin at least if you are looking for short-term benefits. Since, it may fall down to 270-275$ but it probably has a support at that level and can be expected to rise even above 320$.

Keep the posts coming.... you may be right i may be crazy... lol...

@rinaalone say : you are great 👍

when STEEM goes to the moon, we should moon too! #fingerscrossed

So informative & worth reading as always.
Upvoted & resteemed @jerrybanfield

When Steemit reached at top 3 digital currency of the world. I hope one day will come to watch this !

East or West Steemit is the Best @jerrybanfield !

Hey jerry nice and detailed article thank you for that ....what do you think about this coin...looking pretty good

I wao that great information, I will try to pay attention, you and you are looking good of the market.

I agree with you Bitcoin must take a deep dive before it jumps to the roof!
keep up the great work ;)

@jerrybanfield , this looks more like a thesis tahn a post. Its amazing. What I like most is how you show the benefits of #steemit and how everyone can take advantage of it. Hope this helps to get more and more people on the platform, and those 2 big investirs you are talking about, to amke the price climb high! @gold84

Good prediction post. Resteemed it. But I do not agree to keep all money in one CCurrency. I wrote yesterday How to create the stable investment portfolio. You can Invest big part of your money into your favorite CCurrency but not more than 50%

This is awesome! Thank you and all the respect!

I think the world renowned bitcoin trader masterluc is correct. We're on a multi year crypto bull run that will end late 2019. The guys track record is pretty badass so I think I'll go with what he says over your predictions anyday. No matter what you say about dash it'll never drop down to the price you sold it at so give it up bro you f*cked up royally. You will never be able to buy back your masternode. Lol

Un post muy completo.

You are a genius! amazing @jerrybanfield

In my opinion NEO will increase its value in view of Red Pulse (RPX) ICO fixed for the 8th October. Who has been included in the whitelist will buy more NEO because it's reasonable thinking that in the first days of market, RPX will increase its value (possibly in PUMP mode). After that, time will tell if the increase will be stable or RPX will be another "normal" ICO. About NEO, as long as China doesn't delete the "Ban" or give an official license to NEO, the price will be unpredictable!

The other thing to consider as well is that when you swap from crypto to crypto you are going to have capital gains if you are a US citizen. If you can stay in one class of crypto for one year and one day your tax rates are going to be the best they legally can.

I have talked to too many investors that keep panic selling at any dip they see and have all sorts of capital gains tax coming their way which means they will have to liquidate again and end up having another capital gain later...

thank you for sharing valuable information.

i like Crypto but every time when i buy some bitcoins price goes down .

Very good, I learned a few things and will be buying steem soon.

I'm just starting with bitcoin, cryptocurriencies and steem and everything. All this is really helpful and confusing at the same time for me. I'll definitely be checking out your other content. Thank you, Jerry!

Cant remember why I choose to follow your posts. Oh shoot, cuz you give real info. You keep posting, I keep upvoting.

Omg you nailed it again :D

You are hilarious and have great energy, enthusiasm!!! Im a newbie at learning about crypto currencies . Seems complicated to buy steem but I am determined to will figure it out

Totally new to cryptocurrency and the world of Steem so I am so grateful to you for taking the time to share what you have learned. It is definitely very helpful. I am going to check out more of your articles and blog posts. Thanks!

Jerry I am new here but because I believe in you from your youtube and other things I have seen I have invested over $2000 in Steem on bittrex.....I am trying to figure out where I should keep these coins? Right now I am keeping it on bittrex. I don't see a wallet here for my steem, and help from anyone is appreciated....

Jerry, get the digital wallet, e.g. Trezor [security guaranteed;]

Thanks mate, loved the youtube video; I just watched it. Very informative... what a pity I didn't see it a couple of weeks ago, as I compared your predictions to what the value of those coins are today.

I'm just starting out trying to understand the crypto currency market, so I particular enjoyed understanding how value exists with these things.

Still unsure where and how much to invest, but I definitely agree with you about the value of Steam, as this is a platform that feels like is the future.

Would love to build the media tokens into my website somehow... it feels right. Keep up the good work.

thank you sir

Very good post. I was about to start a similair discussion. The biggest group of uneducated investors in mankind get's a shot to determine the price of a crypto. It's an interesting world we live in. An interesting website I found: It's a great site that gives in depth research on every tradable cryto in the market.