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RE: How to buy Bitcoin in the Eurozone - Comment acheter du Bitcoin dans la zone euro

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Very good tutorial! it's a good start for normal people :)

My suggestion is to buy the cryptocurrencies in exchanges and after that withdraw them to personal wallets. I had a bad experience with Mt.Gox back in 2014, where I lost 80€, and for this I was away from the cryptos for a while, until 2017 when I decided to invest again :P


Then again, a "personal wallet" is what ? Downloading and installing a bitcoin client and then taking care of keys and seed words personally - is that something a "normal" (non geeky) person can be bothered to do - or even should be expected to learn ? I doubt it.
And if we speak about a hardware wallet, what's the price of one ? I believe the Ledger Nano S is about 70€ ...
Spending 70€ to mitigate the risk of losing 80€ in a repetition of the MtGox crash from 2014? Not sure it makes that much sense ... :-) But hey, "once burned, twice shy!" :-)