Bitcoin Growth Bot Just Released A Video

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Bitcoin growth bot is another interesting ICO that i have been looking at, and today i have some really good news.

The owner of bitcoin growth bot, Jordan Linsday has just released a video explaining more about the system.

The reason this is such great news.. Jordan is in the video himself.

You will find most ICOs, especially the shady ones are totally anonymous. You will find no info about the owner, and the owner often takes alot of time to hide his IP address, his credit card details etc.. everything is paid for anonymously and untracable.

Having seen Jordan release this video gives me alot more confidence to invest.

Another good thing.. bitcoin growth bot had alot of trouble with people signing up free referral accounts. They are currently giving away 20 free NCL tokens just for signing up with your email.. and many people tried to take advantage of this.

But Jordan did a really great job on this, going through the accounts and removing all the fake accounts.

Sadly, now users must purchase $100 of NCL to get the free bonus tokens.. because of all the fraud.

But i would like to thank Jordan for taking the time to go through all the accounts.. and to honor the original agreement for new users who signed up.

I now have much more confidence in this program.

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