Flow Feed Social Media Platform ICO Is Now Live!!

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Flow feed is an interesting social media platform that i have been watching for a few weeks. They recently did a promotion giving away free flow feed tokens, in an effort to get new registered users on the site.

They certainly managed to attract thousands of users, and now this platform is currently in the ICO stage for the next 19 days.

I am very interested in blockchain based social media platforms, i think they could be the wave of the future and i am sure many of you fellow steemians will agree.

I wrote a review of the platform here:


Will keep everyone updated with more info on this one soon!

Did any of you guys get yourself some free tokens?

What does everyone think of this platform?

Let everyone know in the comments!


I hadn't heard from it until I read your post. Shame I missed out on those free coins. Do you think this ICO has any chance to become a success?

I really can't tell to be honest.. with all of these ICOs they are very risky.

I am just putting 50 or 100 bucks into each one.. using the same strategy i did a few years ago.. spreading the risk among many coins.

I will talk to dev team and see what's going on, i have lots of good digital content i could sell along with many websites i could help promote it with.

That's why I'm interested... I have loads of digital content to sell. But the minimum contribution is 0.2ETH ($93). A site setting such a high minimum ... somehow it doesn't make sense to me....

I did a quick search... there isn't that much valuable info to be found (except for loads of promotion links)

Yeah that's something im a bit worried about.. they don't have much online except the whitepaper and ICO system.

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Have not heard of it until I saw your post, I will check it out right now and get back to you, 2 minutes passed, ok I am back after reading the article on blog for bitcoin.
Looks like it will need a lot of content providers to fill all the categories but Flow Feed gives good payment options to certain content and might work well. I will look more into it. Thank you very much @jimbojones

Now you got my upvote, cool project !!! ❤️

Good Luck for your project
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