Get 2 Free NeoConnect Coins Here

in #bitcoin4 years ago

NeoConnect is yet another bitconnect clone, and this one is giving you 2 free tokens just for registering on the system.

Well worth your time, if this coin does well you could probably make a few bucks, especially if you lend those coins into the system and get the daily compounded interest.


Register through this link to get 2 free NeoConnect coins!


Keep your eyes open. Neo connect is shady at best and a known pyramid scheme.

It's just the same as all of these bitconnect clones.

They are certainly shady, but possible to make money. No one should ever invest money into these systems they can't afford to lose.

This one is good for a few free tokens tho :)

I wonder what will happen with these clones, when bit connect fails

Yes it will be very interesting, either everyone would flood to these.. or avoid them.

I registered but I received nothing?

When your logged into the system, on the bottom of the page on the left hand side it should say your NOC balance.. you should have 2 coins in there, do you see them now :)

when registering it's 0 but when 4 friends signed up with my link I got 4 thank's

Hmm that's weird you should have gotten the coins right away.

I did notice though the referrals take a bit of time and do not show up right away.

Worth the few minutes it takes to sign up tho.. if the coins ever become worth anything could be a few bucks there :)

I don't see 4 sign ups under you either, whats your username?

The conversions seem low perhaps they are skimming.