Hiring Bloggers, Youtubers, Website Owners And Influencers - Join My Crypto Marketing Company!!

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I am hiring bloggers, Youtubers, website owners and influencers to join my crypto marketing company :)

After doing ICO and crypto marketing for the last year i have decided to setup a crypto currency marketing company with its own token which operates across multiple social media websites and affiliate programs.

The project just launched 7 days ago and so far we have this..

  1. cMail Token - Main website listing our services and token info.
  2. Crypto eMail - Tool for paying users tokens to follow, retweet etc.
  3. Altcoin Boards - Worlds first crypto forum that pays you for posting.
  4. How To Earn Bitcoin Online - Worlds first link list to pay you for clicking on links.

I have a couple of other systems in the works.. But for now we need to start recruiting users!

One of the main things my marketing company needs is Bloggers, Youtubers, website owners and influencers who can help promote the crypto eMail platform and our customers projects.

What i can offer in return is awesome pay from awesome projects, access to project leaders and clients along with special deals and promotions you won't find anywhere else.

We can use our websites to generate traffic to your own social media profiles and websites, in essence trading traffic and visitors between us.

This means we can help build up influencers who are working with our team.

And finally.. I operate a private telegram group for CEOs and coin developers, decision makers of blockchain based projects, exchange owners, influencers and whale investors.

Currently we have 43 users - all key decision makers in crypto.. and i am only just getting started!

If any of you big Youtube guys want to take a punt and help me get this started out.. i can offer free access to my coin developers group where you can find many CEOs and coin developers to make contact with.

Currently we have nearly 20 projects ready to promote on the platform.. join the cMail telegram group and hit me up to discuss this further!!


I am a influence marketer and also a seasoned blogger but on this post I wonder why you left out what you are paying.
When you look to hire for sure you have to pay a salary or else you are not hiring it’s just another bounty platform like the many online .

The payments would all be reliant upon how much traffic you can generate.

A newbie for example with 12 followers would not command the same payment as a well known influencer with 120,000 followers for example.

Alot of the Youtubers have different prices, magazines, air drop services etc.. all of them charge depending on how many users they can generate.

Another good example of how we can help you guys build - I have just created an influencers directory - It's basically a list of all the people we work with.

This can help you get new users on your profiles and more customers wanting to promote on your platforms.

There will be many other benefits for bloggers and influencers to work with us.

Hi sir im the one who contact you on telegram it's me Jm Pablo

Alright im inn
Thank you

Great speaking with you, i hope we can work together more in the future :)

Please see my feed/blog, there are plenty of videos, memes, photography and musings. All my original content. https://steemit.com/@thebrusca

Do you blog much about crypto? :)

I don't know much about crypto, but I do enjoy posting comedy, travel, lifestyle, food and entertaining content.

I will contact you soon on Telegram.
How about we use Discord,i use this same name and photo,send me a message!

Great i hope we can speak soon :)

Telegram is best because our channel is there and the whole business will be run from the channel :)

We have not spoken yet. i just added an influencers directory and would love to add you to it.. i am sure we could send you many followers :)

If we could have a private conversation i would be able to give you some ideas you did not think off

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For sure, hit me up on telegram i would love to hear your ideas :)

Hope to see you in the telegram channel :)

Wow this is amazing! I’m not a big YouTube influencer but I would love to get involved. I just started a YouTube, podcast, and blog. This is amazing!!

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Would love to have you onboard, we can help promote you on our platforms also to help build your platforms up too :)

Hm, never heard of it. Ok, I will try and see what you have.

I just launched this 6 days ago :)

Is this one of those things that barely pays you anything for your time, or can you make a living from this?

If you can generate enough traffic or sign ups you can make alot of money.

If your just doing the tasks like following or clicking on links you probably can't live off it, depends i guess how much you need to live off :)

I have about 1600 subs on YouTube I don't know if I'm what you are looking for but please let me know if you have a need for me.

We have a need for everyone who can help promote good projects :)

We can also help you build up your own platforms by advertising you on our network.. hit me up on telegram :)

I have a YouTube account, can I get involved in this?

Yeah if you can make Youtube videos to help promote good quality project for sure, the more followers and users you have the more you can earn :)

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