Sphere ICO Has Begun - Decentralized Social Media Network - Get 100 Free Tokens

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Sphere is a decentralized social media website that will run on the Ethereum blockchain, and the ICO has just started.

Sphere has had over 250,000 registrations so far.. if you register your email you will receive 100 free sphere tokens into your ethereum wallet!

Currently these tokens are worth around $5 in BTC.. although if Sphere if successful these coins could be worth alot more in the future ;)

Click here to claim your 100 free Sphere tokens!

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I see potential in this!

With all the drama going on with Facebook, Google and YouTube, I think it has some potential going down the road!

Thanks for the info! <3

Yes i think these blockchain social media sites will be the future, just look at steemit!

Everyone is getting tired of being censored on facebook and youtube.

I just registered, thank you.

Great, i think this one could be good :)

Put your ether addy in they will send the tokens out soon :)

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