The First 100,000 Users To Register On The Crypto Email Platform Will Receive The Biggest Payouts!!

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The first 100,000 users to register on the Crypto Email platform will receive the biggest payouts.. this is because the payouts are set high for the first 100,000 users only!!

Currently users receive 250 cMail tokens for registering, and you can also receive an extra 250 tokens for each person you refer.

cMail token fuels a network of powerful marketing tools aimed at promoting high quality crypto projects to mass amounts of users.

The cMail token will run across many different platforms and websites and will allow users to earn crypto currency by completing different tasks such as following or retweeting, watching videos or clicking on links, writing articles, creating Youtube videos.. virtually any task can be incentivized through these platforms.

And once we have registered the first 100,000 users on the platform the payouts will be be quick to register and start getting those referrals going!!


I'm in! ^_^

Thanks for helping, i hope i can make the air drop worthwhile for everyone :)

Many exchanges are planned ;)

registered:) thanks master

Good stuff i hope you do well from the air drop :)

Just registered...

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Good on ya Judy i noticed you doing some good retweeting.. since your one of the first i messaged you in Telegram to get some free tokens for helping out.. reply to me on telegram with your username and ill credit your account :)

Thank you much @jimbojones

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Great, keep an eye on telegram channel for updates - Will be many more ways to earn crypto soon ;)

I am already in. Can't miss such an opportunit.

This is like most things in crypto - Get in early and you get the best rewards :)

Registered and Upvoted!!!

Welcome to the group.. just started but hopefully we start going viral soon :)

no ICO, this is so cool!
resteemed and retweeted, shared!

Good work mate :)

Just registered. But can't login yet. possibly I will it again

Ask in the telegram group if you didn't receive a confirmation email :)

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