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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: A Small Correction to Complete Head & Shoulders..And an Intro to New Technique! Find out more in this Analysis!

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Good morning , your getting big. Your name came up in a the chat for a data dash video on you tube. They pointed out your BCash price prediction. Maybe you will be the biggest thing on steem. I hear other people complain about steem not having enough viewers to justify posting on steemit. You seem to be doing well.


His organic push up on google searches is surging as well. We've trafficked thousands to twitter youtube and here through google.....proof is in the pudding....people are taking notice. Keep spreading the word. Just about everyday I go to hitbtc in the troll box and convert several people. They call bullshit on me, and I say, just take a look, what will it hurt...if I'm wrong I'm joke, once they come take a look, I always get a thank you, and that's from the trollbox!

That's some really great news. Maybe eventually we could push @haejin to be a witness.

Haha....we're gonna run this man ragged! He's got an amazing amount of energy and focus for someone who doesn't even have to be doing this for the money.

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