The Bright Future of Bitcoin

in #bitcoin2 years ago

It is a known fact that money is indispensable in our lives with most people thinking that living without money is impossible. We use it in our everyday lives. In this case, people are always affected when it comes to money. We always hear news about investment through buying of stocks, forex trade and property but it is just recently that bitcoin become a household name. It is true that it's an old news in the business world but just recently it has become a much talked topic of the masses.
By searching the world Bitcoin in your search engine, one will instantly find the information that it was created by a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. By searching more, you will learn that when it was created its value was as low as nothing. Hence, it was not interesting to most investors. However, there were few risk takers who decided to purchase bitcoin and they were the ones who benefited when it's price surge in as much as 19,783.06 USD in 2017.
Volatility of bitcoin best describes it and it was proven volatile when it's price dive against the US dollar in 2018 at 6, 200 USD per bitcoin. This year 2019 marks the 10th year of bitcoin yet it's price continues to fluctuate. Investors opinions are divided about it's future. Some investors suggest that fluctuations in its price are normal since other investments fluctuates as well. Some investors sees it as a digital gold with it's value soaring really high in a long term and it's character as stable as gold. We might get a glimpse of its future in May - the halving of its reward to miners. Will risk takers win again this time? Who knows? Only time can tell.