Bitconnect News Update Referral Program Change and HitBTC

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Bitconnect announced a change in the referral program, they will now only pay for 3 levels of referrals. This may give more validity to the program. HitBTC will also be adding the Bitconnect coin to their exchange which will bring in new investors and allow for easier access to the Bitconnect. Bitconnect was ranked number 7 on coinmarketcap with a 1.9 Billion Dollar market cap. Today it's ranked number 15 because coinmarketcap lowered their circulating supply from 7 million BCC to 2 million BCC because they don't count tokens that are being locked up or staked. The value of the coin is still steady at $270 per BCC. The true supply of BCC is over 8 million coins which would bring their market cap to over 2 billion now.


Can someone help demystify Bitconnect for me please?
I've heard that it is allegedly a pyramid or ponzi, but such an allegation is difficult if not impossible to prove until it is too late (I'm lookin at you Bernie M.!)

All of the endorsements I've seen for Bitconnect come from individuals who have a vested interest, so it's kinda biased.

Does any endorsement for Bitconnect exist from someone that is not participating in Bitconnect??

Any other thoughts on disproving the harsh allegations?

Legit responses get my upvote!

I'm invested. Could it be a scam? could be. Have people been getting paid every day since March 2016? Yes. Have people become millionaires? Yes .. Do they have a trading bot? maybe, it seems like they do based on the real time interest chart they provide.... They are also getting added to the HitBTC exchange soon and are releasing a credit card that links up with your interest payments. I think they'll be around for a while...but everything is a risk.

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