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Over the last 8 years since Bitcoin has existed no one has figured out who invented this billion dollar industry. People are only able to make assumptions. The person who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto has hidden their identity so well and basically fell off the face of the Earth. Programs similar to Bitcoin have failed during the 1990s and these projects were the foundation Bitcoin was built upon. Only a small group of programmers were working on encrypted money during the 1990s. People have been accusing these developers of being the ones behind Bitcoin. There is a lot of speculation and no one has proof of who Satoshi really is. It's amazing that after almost 10 years and massive growth Bitcoin still does not have a face.



Dan Kaminsky a prominent hacker who found some major flaws on our internet, owns a company helping build better security for the internet. Dan thought he could find holes in the Bitcoin protocol and spent some time trying to hack into it. He did end up finding eight security holes and every time he started to hack into it the Bitcoin network would respond back Attack canceled. After Dan went through the code it was apparent whoever developed Bitcoin had no mistakes in the code and it was written perfectly. It even looks like Bitcoin was developed to find it's own security flaws and prevent attacks. Even the best developers sometimes can make minor mistakes. It's human error and it happens on a daily basis.

Beta Block

Bitcoin didn't even have a beta period to fix bugs or test before release. One day there was no Bitcoin and the next there was Bitcoin. Quinn Michaels gave an interesting view into the world of cryptocurrency. He is suggesting that the whole point of cryptocurrency is to be able to pay artificial intelligence. Kind of like Terminator type stuff and Skynet. Quinn explains that Bitcoin has a high probability that it was created by an artificial intelligence because it had no flaws at all. He goes on to talk about Sofia a self-learning robot who just became a citizen of Saudi Arabia and created it's own blockchain. So the idea of a robot creating a blockchain is not impossible, it's already happened. Sofia created the cryptocurrency called Singularity which has to do with artificial automation.


Another View

An interesting way to think about this is, what if a super artificial intelligence created Bitcoin as a way of acquiring more computing power. Instead of hacking into computers, they would give humans a reason to just give up their computing power for free to mine. The Bitcoin network is the largest supercomputer world with the most hashing power. Bitcoin was able to gain computing power worldwide in very short amount of time. If a self-learning AI robot did exist it would be able to create better versions of itself quickly and will become more intelligent over time. If Artificial Intelligence did create Bitcoin it's possible it could have a backdoor into the network to take control at any time.


It seems with higher minimum wages, people losing jobs, a rough economy, and large corporations looking to automate this truly is the direction we are going. AI could end up taking over all of our jobs and the running of the economy. At the same time, it may be a lot easier for humans to earn money with cryptocurrency. If you want to be a head of the world, get into cryptocurrency now because it doesn't seem like we'll have a choice in the future.


I've always thought that the New World Order was meant to create a One World Communist government ruled by the Rothschilds and cryptocurrency was an alternative to that vision. I've since changed my opinion and now believe that the goal of the New World Order is to recreate an Atlantis-type society run by these AI computers. Movies and television have been getting people prepared for this since the creation of on-screen entertainment. Sofia the robot becomes a citizen? Anyone remember the Robin Williams movie when he plays a robot wanting citizenship? It's all predictive programming and subliminal messaging to get you comfortable with accepting the idea.


Who is

The question remains, who created the Bitcoin Network? Was one genius programmer, a team of programmers, a government, or an artificial intelligence that is running behind the scenes in secret. We may never know who created Bitcoin, but definitely a subject to think about. I will say, someone, somewhere knows who created Bitcoin and for whatever reason isn't talking.

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