Bitcoin coming to hundreds of banks near you and Grayscale will not go quietly into the night!

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You are soon going to be able to buy bitcoin right from your bank account, oh and Grayscale partnered with the Giants

In what will likely be a game changer eventually, banks are finally getting on the bitcoin band wagon.

Due to a partnership with NYDIG, hundreds of banks are soon going to be able to offer bitcoin to their clients directly in their bank accounts.

More on the official release can be seen here:

While most of these banks are smaller local banks, it will put pressure on the big boys as well.

Banks are seeing transfers to Coinbase for years now with the sole intent of buying bitcoin.

Why not offer bitcoin directly in the bank account?

That's exactly what is coming...

In other news, the New York Giants partnered with Grayscale.



While this sounds mostly like a marketing stunt by Grayscale, there is a ton of money in professional sports, and a ton of interest as well.

Just about every week now we are hearing about a professional athlete taking a portion of his salary in bitcoin.

This is a trend that is probably just beginning, especially if bitcoin keeps going higher.

Now we just have to figure out how to get that discount removed from the GBTC bitcoin investment trust!

It is working on becoming an ETF or doing a reverse auction for the outstanding shares in order to eliminate the discount.

Eventually they will get it sorted out.

The next 6 months are going to be wild, buckle up!


For me personally, bitcoin prices are very expensive.

If I had the capital I would have bought it even if it was only one coin

Hurray! Good news! A kick back at those banking cabal. It’s a real war out there!

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