BTC - Chart starting to turn up

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Bitcoin is hanging in there and the chart is starting to turn up.

The 50 MA has now crossed the 100 MA to the upside:

With both moving averages looking like they will be turning upwards in the very near future as long as prices hold these levels.

Prices are also now above both moving averages.

Some positive technical developments.


The charts don’t determine the price or direction of BTC. As John Maynard Keynes said; it’s all Animal Spirits 🦒 🦓 🦔


Didn't he also say we are all dead in the long run?! Hopefully bitcoin runs before then.


We need an end to these ruddy Bitfinex shorters lol, 8 months of shorting has gotten to my nerves hahahaa, but anyway still chance to collect a sh8t ton of crypto cheap.

True. I think bitcoin is a great buy here, though if bitcoin bottoms here, altcoins likely will outperform, but much more risk.

Got eyes on Litecoin?

Not really to be honest. I don't own any. It may catch on as a payment coin or it may go away. I like bitcoin personally and any time I send something I use Ether because it is faster and cheaper than litecoin.