Looks like a bottom to me!

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The 1 HR BTC Chart looks like it's putting in a bottom

I may have bought a little early, but I think the lows are being put in as we speak.

The price got as low as $30k and is now already back over $40k.

That's exactly the kind of price action you see at the lows.

Check this out:


(Source: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=USD-BTC)

That is a massive V bounce which is exactly what you tend to see at bottoms.

We are currently $10k off the lows and looking like the bottom is in.

We may retrace some of this bounce in the coming hours, but over the medium term I think that was the lows.

Looking for a move back over $42k to feel very good about the lows being in.

The bad news is that i was buying up around $44k instead of $30k, oh well, such is life.

Anyone out there get the lows on this drop?


No esta de mas unas ordenes de compra bien por debajo, con posibilidad de aprovechar un rebote para venta rapida, en caso de que no se ejecute la orden igualmente no habria perdida.

Yup! Such is life! Now my dry powder is dry! LoL

A beautiful thing!

Oh, it was always too complicated for me. Maybe I will study it one day

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