BTC - All 5 traders on CNBC Fast Money bullish on Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is making believers out of everyone

Yesterday, the Fast Money Traders on CNBC were unanimous in their support of Bitcoin, something I have never seen.

Usually you get a couple guys taking the other side just to provide some more talking points on something...

But, during the clip last night, none of them could do that.

More than just talking short term trading, they were talking overall momentum as well as fundamentals.

Across the board, they were all fans of what bitcoin has going for it right now.

I am not sure I have ever seen that before, actually scratch that, I am positive I have never seen that before on bitcoin.

Looks like I wasn't the only one noticing that...

Given that, should we still be bullish?

Normally when everyone is starting to turn bullish that is the time to be fearful.

However, I don't think that applies here, at least not yet.

We are just now having a MACD cross on the weekly chart, we have a long ways to go before that thing gets overbought, like months.

The last 2 times we had one of those, was when prices ran to $20k in 2017 and then $14k in 2019. I think we are just starting one of those types of rallies right now, but from a higher starting point.

The chartists on Fast Money also really loved the chart:


They were saying how they think it is very likely going to $12k in the near term.

Too much momentum for it not to.

I tend to agree.

Oh and btw, this is just fun...

Steem doing very steemy things lately:


I never thought I'd see the day where I was so happy to see $.25 on steem.

Whether it holds this or not, this shows that steem can go up with the rest and that is something to be bullish about.

There has been a lot of speculation that steem might not be included in the next bull run.

Well, given the recent price action I'd say there is a good chance that it will.

Stay informed my friends.



Yikes! I remember when CNBC said that everybody should own LTC last summer before the halving and that marked the the pre-halving top as it started its big crap out a week or so later.

Was it the Fast Money guys though? They are generally better than most on there...

I don't remember. Probably just some yammering know nothings.

There will be a lot more hype in the weeks to come.
The halving dump isn't coming for at least 6 more weeks imo.
We haven't even gone parabolic yet.

Msm saying bullish, must be time to sell?

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That is pretty crazy honestly.
Almost feels like a world-first milestone.

This is good news for Bitcoin and Steem! Bull run? We can only hope. I agree with your comment about 25 cent Steem. From the ATH of $8 to 11 cents recently its been a wild ride, but while many people who bought Steem on the way down are underwater in their Steem investment, the people who joined recently are up 100%, so for them Steem has been a great investment.

Oh's really awesome for fast money traders....tq for posting some interesting blogs

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