I wish they would just start supporting these things already...

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Bitcoin does this quite easily...

How do you send remittances directly to the Cuban people without middlemen taking their cut?!

It's simple...


Seems like an easy fix to me:


(Source: https://twitter.com/BTC_Archive/status/1421547528961601537/photo/1)

Instead of fighting bitcoin etc, why don't they embrace and use it to help people.

It seems like everyone in government only sees the bad with bitcoin instead of seeing the potential good.

Bitcoin is far better at sending bitcoin across borders than anything that has ever existed previously.


With most Top 100 cryptocurrencies, there is quite big share taken by "middlemen"... The real solution is to investigate the bottom 100 cryptocurrencies for ones that have low network fees, but are listed on exchange that is not listed on official warning list.

EU has a warning list, but I'm not 100% sure if USA has own or not as I've had no need to research...

Yep Yep! Treasury needs to buy BTC and keep it on their books for things like this...and taking a month to "recommend" policy action...lol...that's political talk for...

"we're not motivated to actually do something, so we'll say we're planning to do something, and that is just as good."

Reminds me of Ben Franklin's quote of "Never confuse motion with action."