Yea, this looks familiar...

in #bitcoin5 months ago

We've seen this before...

Bitcoin looks to have put in a bottom and is now in reversal mode.

It's funny how bearish everyone gets every time bitcoin does what it always does, and that's correct after big gains.

Which of course is only to be followed by more big gains.

Does this look familiar to anyone yet?



The only difference this time is the bull market portion of the move will go above and beyond those previous highs.

We flushed the leverage out and now it will build back up again.

There were leveraged positions up to 125x on Binance and other places that got flushed, so now we will see it build back up again and continue to push bitcoin higher and higher, until the next over-leveraged crash.

It's how bitcoin works.

Now it's time to liquidate the short positions...



It's already underway...

Stay informed my friends.



human end of the month before pay check's ... totally as a usual market ...

My fingers are crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞

I considered for an hour or two trading my BTC for BNBs, but I thought I'll keep the BTCs for liquidity down the road, after all, peaks are coming in sight soon enough in those realms... ;)

Thanks for sharing, namaste :)

😂 this is what every time happens whenever it comes down take a little rest and then boom to its ever highest.

Great to see the graph moving