Ripple Update: Don't Miss GO GO GO Hurry UP

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My previous XRP signal in December 2017 is performed perfectly. Today on every exchange I seen whales joined the XRP show so I decided to do a Technical Analysis on XRP.  

Trading idea is based upon overselling of XRP that RSI confirms price reversal. MACD histogram supports upward moment upto 45% and DMI allows to open a semi long term trade. XRP already done a good price correction and its going to explode because big whales coming for.

XRP is currently trading on .00014956 XRP/BTC on BITSTAMP. According to RSI and MACD Entry Level in XRP is .00015000 and Profit target is .00021000 and .00025000 XRP/BTC. Take stop level on .00013900 but I have faith in XRP so I am not using that because of some XRP events.

Market: XRP/BTC (BitStamp)

Buy: .00015000 (near by)

Profit Target: .00021000 or .00025000

Stop: .00013900

The trading signal is based on BitStamp chart.
Disclaimer: Leave that man.....

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First target done ... ready for second

really as you say, I should learn first

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