Trade Recommendation: IOTA (40 to 135% profit Signal)

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Hello guys after a long time on 1 January 2018, I am giving you a trade recommendation. As my previous recommendation about steller is performed perfectly I am suggesting you invest in IOTA.

The trading reason is based upon its lover support level $3.00 confirmed by RSI. MACD histogram supporting upward moment. On Bitfinex place a buy order at $3.50 and make stop-loss on $1.52 level. The first profit target is $5 at resistance level and after you can go for 10$. I recommend you to trade with your 20% .

Buy: 3.50
Stop: 1.50
Profit Targets: 5 and 10
This Trading signal is based on Bitfinex chart on January 1st 2018.
Disclaimer: Do your own research before investing in trading and follow me @jskvishal for more profit signals. Happy New year...

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happy new year may you live long with your family

Same to you and thank you very much @aliakbar2

Thanks for your great analysis. Here is my picks for 2018 including. What is yours?

Perfect man but you are Missed XRB.
Just see that coin and I am sure it has bright future...
Followed you:)

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