Trade Recommendation: Monero (Reminder for maximalist Bitcoin - HODLers)

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The reason to HODL(Hold long for life) Monero too is that Monero's codebase is 100% independent from Bitcoin's codebase. 

Think what happens if someone finds a huge bug in Bitcoin codebase?

 Yes it could affect a lot of other coins. But since Monero is a Cryptonote coin, it would not be affected.

And while one might say that Monero(XMR) is more risky because the code hasn’t been used as much, there has been a lot of time gone into researching the code and making sure it is solid. (Because for those who don’t know, cryptonote is what Monero is derived from, but it was not created by Monero developers)

You would think that by this time if there was a major flaw in Bitcoin code, it would have been found, but sometimes it just takes a long time before the vulnerability is discovered. 

Also a lot of the coins that have been coming out this past year are Ethereum based tokens, so that is something different although when you take into account the DAO, Multisig wallet hack and just the whole design of Ethereum it's hard to call it well tested and secure compared to cryptonote and Bitcoin. 

So now Monero trading idea is based upon breakout previous swing high with the continuation of the uptrend. The Price is above the cloud and it's time for buying. RSI confirms price reversal and DMI allowing opening long-term trades. MACD supports upward moment so don't be late...

Market: XMRBTC
Buy: 0.024600 (Near By)
Stop: 0.021500
Profit Targets: 0.0320000 and 0.036000 (long term may be one or two weeks)
The trading signal is based on Bitfinex chart(XMR-BTC day chart).
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