Trade Recommendation: NXT-USDT (70 to 140% profit Poloniex)

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The NXT started its correction on all time high 1.80 USDT and reached at 0.52 USDT. The price of NXT dropped to possible reversal zone. Now this zone can stop and reverse the market that is good for buying. RSI is at oversold zone and it confirms price reversal. DMI allows opening long-term trades. NXT signal could be supported by MACD, but it is still confirms downward moment.

You can place buy order 0.65 with Stop orders at .40 level. Profit Targets are 1.20 and 2.0 level. I suggest you to trade with 20% of your deposit.

Market: NXT-USDT

BUY: 0.65 to 7.0

Stop: 0.40 

Profit Targets: 1.25 and 1.90 

Chart is Based n Polniex NXT-USDT.

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My head has a headache thinking about the bitcoin price now because its selling it

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