Trade Recommendation: Ripple (XRP-BTC 50% Profitable)

in #bitcoin4 years ago

On 16 May 2017 XRP was traded on all time high at 0.00024 XRP/BTC. In december 2017 ripple shows its strength with a good surge in price. Now Riple is trading on Bitstamp at 0.00013829 XRP/BTC.

MACD of XRP-BTC one day graph showing ending of bearish moment. If we invest in XRP now than its going for maximum profitable upto 50% in some time. Its a long term trade. Not too long just one week or two...

RSI at 55.53 and confirmed price reversal. After ending bearish time Riple is going for a huge gain. 

Moneygram also confirmed using Ripple Blockchain Technology and next Western Union planning for it.

Our Target is firstly .00017500 and after we go for .000200 XRP/BTC. 

Market: XRP/BTC (Bitstamp)

Buy: .0001380 (near by)

Profit Target: .0001750 or .0002000

Stop: .00012000 (If Bitcoin falls - hold it)

The trading signal is based on Bitstamp chart.
Disclaimer: Leave that man..... Decide yourself what to do?

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