CEO of Bitrefill, on Lightning Network Experiences - Bitcoin

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I got to meet Sergej Kotliar the CEO of a hot and rising crypto friendly company, A website that lets you top up your prepaid sim phone plan! Bitrefill has a top of the industry user experience, a beautiful website and recently started accepting Bitcoin payments through the Lightning.

In this conversation, he told me his story entering Bitcoin and some of his experiences with Lighting so far, check it out and let me know what you think!

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I don't use FB and am not going to sign up to see this. I suggest you get in the spirit of decentralization and upload this video to @dtube.

ive had so much trouble with it, i don't really have time for it. But I'll post the youtube link as well.

And I'm happy to see resistance to facebook. It delivers the most views, that's the current market.