Introducing Luckydice: A New Take on the Classic Game ($100 Giveaway Contest)

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Let’s face it. Everybody loves Dice, but after a while, the same old game mechanic can get stale.

Because of this, the same team behind the downright bonkers BitKong has totally revamped the classic game of dice, and produced something that can only be described as the evolution of dice games.

Introducing Luckydice, the gorgeous lightning-enabled dice site that breathes new life into the industry.

Not Just Another Dice Game

Luckydice has two different dice modes: the simple classic dice, which offers an up to 32.4x bet multiplier; and digital dice—an extreme dice mode for those looking to cash in big with an up to 9,000x multiplier. Both feature powerful auto bet tools for those that like to run wild with automated betting strategies.

One of the neat features that separates Luckydice from the herd is its clever new jackpot mechanic, which gives players the chance the win a share of a jackpot pool worth more than $100,000. Depending on the size of your bet, you can win either 1%, 10% or even 100% of the jackpot—this is on top of your standard bet winnings!

It doesn’t stop there either. Luckydice features an innovative leveling mechanic that sees players rewarded for accumulating points earned from playing on the platform. All players start off as a simple Shimin, but can progress through the ranks to become a Samurai, Shōgun and even an emperor as they play and grow on the platform.

Eyes on the prize guys, eyes on the prize.

By leveling up, players unlock some seriously epic perks along the way, including as much as 0.3% cashback on all bets, in addition to lucrative Magic Chest's worth up to $10,000.

Bonus rounds appear at random, giving you more ways to win!
Bonus rounds appear at random, giving you more ways to win!

If that wasn’t enough to demonstrate the that Luckydice is ahead of curve, have you ever seen a dice platform with bonus rounds? Now, you have. Each time you roll the dice on Luckydice, you have a chance to unlock a special bonus round, where you can play a mini-game to multiply your prize even further, or win free spins.

A Step Ahead of the Rest

As it stands, Luckydice supports deposits for three of the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Beyond this, the platform allows users to convert their cryptocurrencies to a heap of different fiat currencies, including GBP, USD, and practically all other major fiat currencies. This makes the platform much more attractive to those familiar with wagering at traditional casinos.

Note: crypto to fiat conversions are purely virtual, customers will need to convert back to crypto in order to withdraw.

Mobile optimized and super responsive, for dice on the go.

Luckydice also guarantees fairness thanks to its provably fair algorithm, which allows players to verify that all results were drawn fairly using the built-in fairness calculator.

Although absolute fairness is one thing, it is important to ensure that user funds are safe at all times by giving players the tools they need to protect their accounts. To this end, Luckydice became one of few cryptocurrency casinos to implement support for FIDO2 security keys as a two-factor authentication method—perfect for those with a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet!

Who Loves Faucets?

Understandably, these new game mechanics introduce a huge amount of variety to what would otherwise be a simple game of dice. As such, the number of betting strategies and opportunities to turn a profit are drastically multiplied, which can make a Luckydice a prime target for strategic dice players.

In light of this, Luckydice makes it easy for players to test strategies without any risk thanks to its ‘for fun’ mode, which lets players experience the game using play money—allowing you to perfect your strategies completely risk-free. When combined with the Luckydice’s powerful auto bet features, players can build a truly solid strategy in no time.

For those looking to take a further plunge into its game mechanics, but want to start off slowly, there’s even a generous faucet mode, which provides players with free stars (credits) that can be wagered to win even more.

Grab as much as 4x standard faucet during funky hour!

After reaching 2,500 stars, these can be withdrawn in any cryptocurrency supported by the platform at a rate of 1 star = 1 cent.

Once you’re confident with your strategy, simply select money mode to begin wagering with one of the numerous supported crypto assets, and put your strategy to work to rack in the cash.

It’s Okay to Be Excited

To celebrate the launch of the new platform, Luckydice is giving away a total of $100 to 10 players.

To participate, all you need to do is retweet this tweet and leave a comment down below by describing what you like most about Luckydice. Don’t forget to leave your Luckydice username and Twitter handle too!

We’ll pick the best responses by the end of this week (February 02, 2020). The best response will win $35, 2nd best wins $15, 3rd best wins $10, while 4th-10th best win $5 each, deposited directly to the winner’s Luckydice account.


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Thanks buddy. I'll definitely inform the team about it, thank you for your feedback :)

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I am a lover of the games of dice, I have already played with other dice games in the steemit community, I like the graphics and the presentation of this new game, I would like to start here, to become a zamuray, shogun, or emperor , this dynamic is interesting to grow in the game, I'll be there, greetings friends

I heard that provably fair algorithm for dice games is really important. Can someone explain how does it work?

Add STEEM deposits and you have my curiosity ;)

Happy flag day, gambling human.

seems promising to me, will join the contest, thanks.

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hmmm, the interface looks good, i want to give a try..

thanks for the article

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Aparentemente esta muito bem feito o site adorei.

Participating ... exist

great info

Add Steem and ill play!!

I really like the cute design, it reminds me of my childhood :)


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Hi, my twitter is jadams2kx and my lucky user is jadams2k18.

It is obvious that the house must win, but I guess there must be a value of chance that allows the player to have fun and win something too.

The game looks good ^_^ (meow)