Nobody really knows for sure, my advice would be take whatever cash you can afford to lose and drop it into EOS coz either it's going to compete for the ethereum market or it's going to die off before it gets started, there's no middle ground in my opinion, EOS is basically ETH on steroids so if it works out then we'll be smiling.

EOS landed in the top ten on with the 4th highest volume today. EOS transaction rate will be virtually unlimited whereas Ethereum does a few thousand per second, I think.

Wait until it crashes than buy as much as you can loose, right now it is way overprized. Especially because Ethereum is doing the exact same thing and can easily implement the features of EOS (and Ethereum already has lots of programmers backing it). It could happen that EOS overtakes Ethereum but this is a big bet.

hmmm im ready to gamble ;-) i think i will buy more in 100€ steps day for day and we see what happens. would be nice to win this bet