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RE: Passive Income: Hosting a Masternode is easier than You Think.

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Thanks for the your thoughtful post but just wanted to highlight something, with no disrespect. Shared Masternode services are not good, such as Midas ( or any other ones ), because you do not have control over your coins. If Platform gets hacked? One will loss all of their investment.
i still think it is good to have coins In your own wallet, where you control your private key. Again its just my opinion, I could be wrong.


I suggest reading it again.
I myself specifically wanted to avoid having my coins to anyone else, hence I found Masternode hosting services that just need a wallet address; key and custody of assets stays with me.

Woow, yeah, I think one's key security is the most important here as it is seen to most blockchain technology. Thanks a lot for your help.

And if I can get convenience without sacrificing security, it's a win-win.

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