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I hope everyone is in a good mood and there is definitely a reason for that. We left the storm of January and our ship seemed to be stabilizing again.

So what did we have last week? Litecoin catches height After publications on splitting, JP Morgan begins to change his mind, Singapore and South Korea smile to the crypto market and Bitcoin smiles back when he exceeds the $ 10,000. And do you know what happened last time that he passed this threshold? Don't worry, we'll remind you.

Five days ago we published coverage on the Litecoin but what happened afterward surprised even us. The value of Litecoin began to climb after the split was reported (Litecoin Cash). In the split, anyone who holds a coin will receive a free x10 coins on the day of the split (Sunday).

However, in many cases where there is a split, this is fraudulent. It is usually possible to verify if splitting is legitimate by looking at the White Paper of the company, the team, the idea and the vision. In the case of Litecoin Cash, none of the things I mentioned do not exist. In addition, the founder of the original Litecoin, Charlie Lee, warns on Twitter of fraud and beware of "giving them the address of your wallet" - a process required to receive the coins of the Litecoin Cash.

In addition to the three-day splash that Litecoin had been pushed forward, it was announced three days ago that Lightcoin's LitePay (information can be found in our Litecoin Review) will be officially launched on February 26, a news item that kicked him high into the clouds. On Tuesday, the Litecoin stood at $ 154 and is currently trading at $ $229.

And while the Litecoin is undergoing price changes, JP Morgan, one of the largest US banks, is changing its mindset. We thought it would be nice to give you some quotes from the last months of the same bank and what the bank had done - ostensibly.

September 2017: "Bitcoin is a fraud that will eventually blow up" "I’d Fire Trader In a Second for Trading Bitcoin"

They don't hold properties in Bitcoin, ostensibly

October 2017: "If you're stupid enough to buy Bitcoin, you'll pay the price one day"

They don't hold properties in Bitcoin, ostensibly

January 2018: "It's cute now but it'll stop," "It will not work"

They don't hold properties in Bitcoin, ostensibly

February 2018: - JP Morgan Bank ban buying Crypto with credit card

They start buying properties in Bitcoin, ostensibly

February 2018: "Crypto Isn't Bad, It Just Needs Some Evolution"

They continue to buy properties in Bitcoin, seemingly

February 2018: "Cryptocurrency is Unlikely to Disappear"

Buying huge amounts of crypto, seemingly

February 2018: bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) could be the “holy grail for owners and investors”.

They Holding huge amounts of Crypto, seemingly?

February continues with good news after South Korea, one of the countries that were responsible for the massive damage to the crypto market in January after it was announced that it was considering banning it, has become one of the most supportive countries in the market. This week it was published that it's considering issuing commercial licenses to companies that offer trading services in Crypto. Although this is a regulatory step of the state, it certainly gives a positive boost to an orderly process that will attract more trading companies to the "mainstream" of digital currency trading.

More news comes from Asia, Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister announced that the country will not ban trade in its country and they were in the midst of learning the crypto market and in the future they would be organizing regulations. In general, it appears that the attitude towards digital commerce is beginning to catch a positive wave, especially in Asian countries.

The last time the Bitcoin was on $10k, it took only ten days to reach $ 19,000. Would it happen again?

At the moment, the Bitcoin and Litecoin take the lead and sweep the market behind them and it seems that the countries and corporations that have shaken the inevitable revolution of our financial world are starting to connect the dots. As we like to say, in our team, at the end of the sun will shine ... and it certainly seems that we are towards the end of the night.

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great content... good summary of recent events... thanks

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