Bitcoin ATH Over 5500 USD - Lets See The Markets

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We got into ATH, 5500 crossed, money making on longing has never been easier.
Lets see who drives price on the "king" and lets see who lost and pumped despite this run and find some reasoning for it.

Bitcoin Markets

BFX doesn't stop, longing there is easy and leverage is small so its very easy to NOT lose money :) Korea also drives the volume pretty nice but USD seems the main currency.

Top Losers in Altcoins in Top100 Marketcap

I would say all are good projects about MCO who never got Visa deal that was main thing for the coin, i hold all of them just not Salt and MCO.

Top Gainers in Altcoins in Top100 MarketCap

Mona is coin for Japan, seems JP doesnt care of BTC. LTC is my love as always and im happy to see it doesnt care of the dumps. BCC/FirstCoin i would avoid like a plague. Others - do research as they got cheap!

Now Marketcap can be easily manipulated. Its just price of all coins in existance vs current price. So if i make coin with 1000 billions tokens and pump on 1 exchange to 1 usd.. It will be 1000 billions marketcap coin so worth to watch on whole specifics. Also smaller marketcap coins often have better pumps.

Top Losers in Altcoins in Whole Marketcap

So this is the discount list i would say from it look at getting WTC BNB EXCL OMG KNC STRAT and WAVES. This coins have often good volumes and can get pumped finally - STRAT and WAVES is awaiting since long time but it has to come.

Top Winners in Altcoins in Whole Marketcap

This is a mix of good coins that dont care of BTC price and scams who manipulated marketcap since nobody trades them.

Leverage Trade

If you are day-trading do what you want but id rather suggest playing leverage than selling/buying actual BTC ie at BitMex or SimpleFX.
We dont know when this will take off and would suck to sell and not rebuy. Of course decide yourself but so far longs looking good.

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This is a Thursday to remember.
BTC all the way up
The Altcoins are riding it dirty.
LTC is intriguing, it is one alt-coin that have been there for ever.

BTC and LTC looking great right about now. Strat looks like it may have bottomed out, could be a good one to buy into at these prices. Good luck.

Those are the two long run winners. Clearly just put your money into those two and stop with all the alt coin BS

@davebrewer Good to see there are several people that share the same thought I do. Fresh money is coming into crypto now, and crap coins are beings dumped. Upvoted your comment. @gold84

Yup and in the coming days the government's are definitely will try and take over on these types of currencies

Yeah, Strat has had a rough going. Hoping to go back in. Glad I sold what I had at 11 though. I believe in the team, I just saw it falling for a while.

9000$ - November 2017

Seeing some nice removal of money from all these crap ass ICOs that happened in the last few months and back into the cryptos they belong in. Plus some fresh injection of money. Moving closing to that 1 trillion dollar mark ;)

@bitcoinflood I agree with you. Fresh money into long lasting crypto, trash coins being dumped, and several people are getting bitcoin because of the next forks coming soon. Upvoted your comment. @gold84

The upcoming forks are driving the alts down for now. Could be a good time to research and hold the "good" long term alts.

I agree. Always good to diversify into solid projects...after the fork, the good alts should see a big rise. Good luck!

Nice post

@kingscrown always enjoying the LITECoin too.................

Very interesting. I'm still trying to figure out this space. Thanks for your insight.

Dude seriously awesome post. Great insight into the altcoin discounts. Much much appreciated for your post sir!

I don't understand if it good news for the cryptocurrency market or not.
On one side bitcoin is on a role while on the other hand majority of the altcoins are marked red.
Anybody with an answer?

At least 50% of the alt coins are shit coins that wont be around in 5 years. They are the of the crytpo era. You recall how big the fall was of back in internet crash of 2001?

BTC and LTC are and; by analogy

This movie has played before.

Lots of crap companies got washed out in 2001 internet crash. Most crap altcoins are going in same direction in next 5 years.

Long term there will be huge winners.

Yep...the next Amazon and Apple will be coming out of crypto. Hopefully, it's BTC and LTC...the gold and silver of crypto.

most probably there is a lot of speculation due of the upcoming hardfork in btc. so it seems many, who had the "deep-red-altcoins" changed to btc in speculaiton to get a "free lunch" by getting btc gold. at the end its a big speculation right now.
as @davebrewer said most probably there will be a washout in the crypto market and many coins may get worthless

thanks for this info @kingscrown this is a big help for the traders. beginners or veterans. pls keep sharing. done voting and resteem


Are we at the hospital.

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thanks for this info :)

Easy to hold the crypto's on a day like this.

Nice point to get in some of these like iota.

I like your reviews and the things you do, if it looks interesting it gives me of ideas for new messages to my blog and what best to do while I study new knowledge.

P.S That information totally tripped me out!

would you guys invest 10 k in the top 10 coins now- and sell it 1-2 month... ? i want to invest money - because i think the value of the coins will increase - transfering and sending coins from A to B will be in 5-7 years as normal as sending a whats app message .. or what do you guys think.

Thx you very much for that awesom post ! i give you a follow and a upvote sir !

Hi @enjoy-lifestyle,

I see so many of these I have X and want to invest in something. Ask yourself honestly why do you want to invest now? Is it because you see everything up and don't want to miss out? Or do you honestly believe in the tech, the teams, the roadmaps, the communities, etc, etc

First you have two timelines - you only want to invest for 1-2 months but believe in the long run of 5-7 years. These seem contradictory. Personally, I would never invest anything for a day that I wouldn't be prepared to hold for 2-3 years.

Secondly, a shorter time span between buy and sells is much more riskier than over a long term. This is true for any asset class - shares, bonds, and especially crypto. Check the history of coin you are thinking of investing and see how it has performed in the past 3 months for a 1-month time window vs the same coin over a 12-month time window. Are you prepared to take the risk?

I would recommend, spending some time, doing your research and only investing what you can afford to lose (be that in 1-2 months or 5-7 years). Think if you lost this 10k tomorrow, would you be OK with it or will you need that money? There are no "sure-things" in crypto.

Hope this helps and gives you some thing to consider before jumping in,


P.S. I'm not a financial adviser and this in no way constitutes investment advice.

if you are convinced it will go further up than you should invest in it.

i personally wouldnt do so - simple seeing the moves i think its unlikely that it will keep going up like it did lately - but its just my 2 cents.

at the end its your money and you have to take the risk

Thx Buddy !
I give u a follow !
See u soon

I'm just sitting here (1).gif

Amazing sir! Bitcoin increase very dramatically this month after an earlier decline ,thanks for information sir! @kingscrown

Each time the gif of @kingscrown attacks with its sword the price of Bitcoin goes up 1$. Bitcoin up to 10000$ by the end of 2017 no doubt whatsoever.

plszz sent me on how to register

Btc im shocked...
soon steem will beyond

How does your (long) portfolio look like? 50% on top coins or even less?

We'll see a ton more shakeups as the alts do a dumpfest before the two forks of BTC. Still saying BTC at $6500 by 12/31/17.

Dang I hold a lot of those altcoins that dropped lol.

And apparently Mona doesn't care about anything!? #whatdrop?

Looks like Jamie Dimon decided he wanted to put some of the banks money into this fraud.

Bitcoin top

Great Post !! All the best.

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@kingscrown - nice writeup! I'm attempting a market prediction algorithm using a 2000 year old technique found in Valens Anthology. There's problems to iron out, but hopefully better than nothing.

This is totally crazy, never thought BTC could raise that much in one day... Whats next? 10K in november?

Great run down of the markets all in a short and simple post! Glad I started following you a few days ago.

Bitcoin is leading the pack once again. With the largest market cap and most established infrastructure, this crypto coin will not die or fade away.

I like BNB ;-)

very needed post.
thanks for searing

Anyone else keep checking every 2 seconds? Lmao

yup. check it at least 5 times a day

Bitcoin begging, please can anyone help?

needed post

I absolutely love litecoin and think that it's highly undervalued. I'm currently dealing with bitconnect but am watching closely. I do have to say that BCC has a unique platform upon closer analysis. After all, let us not forget that our economic system is based on a lending system. Alt's, in general, are high risk

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Nice... Cool!! Steem On!

bitcoin is strong now.. is it other coins also rising

So amazing to see bitcoin chart and how it keeps on improving....nice post

awesome info. thanks for sharing. im a following you.

WoW! The ultimate winner in Crypto currency world! Thank you for posting :)

A la Luna 🚀

Bitcoin dogecoin dash bch I love these money. I would be happy to get real money <3 <3

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The play has been gamed after.

I think bitcoin is still popular :-)

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people are stockpiling Bitcoins in antocipation of the Bitcoin gold fork, once that takes place they will move their money back to alt coins. I made a blog on this

Informative sharing! Upvote and resteemed

I have put in 50$ yesterday allready made 10% :)

Do you think btc will reach $6000 in a day or so? @kingscrown

Good to see Litecoin with +17%
Hope to see it getting bigger as Ethereum and even as Bitcoin :)

It's been massive for Bitcoin this week but not so much for Ether!

This is cool, glad I invested.

Great post. Keep it up

I was hoping it would drop to $4500, and I was going to buy... but it only increased :(

the power of Bitcoin :D

Wow crazy times to be an investor! Great post

Wow great coin! thank you for posting :)

I have been dancing myself, its really a great news , i can remember saying this sometime ago. Despite countries banning bitcoin , it only brought more awareness to the cryto-world... Cheers!!!

What will people say when bitcoin prices soar over a million bucks??