Crazy BTC dump and BCH pump! Exchanges Frozen

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As i have written lately Coinbase will add BCH and.. it did. On the other hand BTC got dumped hard also due to news one of owners is selling his BTC for BCH - Emil Oldenburg. We can predict Roger ver also sold another portion.

BTC Dump

The biggest Bitcoin leverage exchange BitMEX got freezed. Site was loading but it was impossible to put new bids. I have seen over 1 million contracts shorting but couldnt catch them for you guys on screens. Here is what ive got fro mthe action.

On flashcrash at Coinbase BTC price touched 14k USD+. Congrats to buyers.

BCH Pump

As predicted Coinbase add gave a pump. Due to amazing arbitrage vs Binance the site got down for now, hopefully, soon it gets back. BitFinex longs are working good.

But theres good thing - if i didnt go down i wouldbt have time to write this post as i kept using this trading trick as long as it was possible.

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Literally a 6K plus gain for BCc this is isnane , I did not know that they sold their coin. It was scary seeing BTC fall over 6K. It was literally like a switch of roles

Mainstream newspapers in the Netherlands and Belgium wrote an article about Emil Oldenburg titled as:

De oprichter van Bitcoin verkoopt al zijn bitcoin
The founder of Bitcoin sold all his bitcoins

I am already long time in BTC and never heard this name and certainly he is not the founder of bitcoin! What a bullshit FUD and why the hell are so many people so stupid / brainwashed to buy in to it?

But the nice thing is, the fact that this kind of people leave BTC gives a short term dip, but they will be out of bitcoin forever. Remember Mike Hearn? Dejavu......

Yeah right now Coinbase is just about down I have a feeling something went really heywire when they just released BCH. Nothing like flooding the BCH market with millions of BCH coins and then some how they price sky rockets? lol literally makes no sense at all

It makes perfect sense. No one in their right mind would dump BCH for BTC with the current state of BTC tx fees, especially considering there's no end in sight to BTC's scaling troubles.

Half the time these price moves (all coins) make no sense at all. LOL


Half time? or most of the time? LOL

Pretty much all the time. It is like rolling dice!

Food for thought, sometimes I wonder is the blockchain or the hosting site that is congested.

From a technical point of view, as an entity like a coinbase, they should have the capacity to scale their hosting site to meet the traffic demand. Millions of user is not even near to any fraction of what facebook is bomb at.

If it were the blockchain that is slowing it down, the hosting site shouldn't be freezing.

Technically when you send coins to the exchange, the exchange will cold store your coins and in return gives you their token of a representation of that coin you sent. Likewise for fiat. So, when you buy and sell, you are technically trading the exchange fiat token instead of the real coins and fiat.

yup, that make sense. I have once encounter trying to buy coin, yet got denied. Is frustrating. Likely was due to how popular the coin is and they run out of token, or reserving not to let us ride on the bull wave.

Wow. That all happened very quickly. Things are looking up for BCH. I may have to buy some next dip.

I was looking on this pump it was good way to make money :)

WAS? I`m sure u regret if you sold already...

It’s time to listen what Roger Ver said about BCH

BTC vs BCH.jpg

Follow his twitter for better understanding about BCH :

Roger is trying to hijack Bitcoin. I am going to write an in-depth blog tomorrow about it. All the people promoting him and BCH bought all the dumped coins after the fork, as his planned FUD regarding Antpool(massive miner operation under his control)acting like they were not going to mine BCH at all for weeks, triggered massive sells. This was all planned. And there is more to the plan. I'll explain more tomorrow in my blog.

coinbase is a joke

These exchanges do need to get there act together, cheers

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Thanks for sharing. Hopefully they add some additional coins soon.

great post thanks for sharing

I've kept a balance between BTC + BCH, which is fortunate because they seem to be chasing each other up the charts. I would recommend others do the same for the short and perhaps medium term.

On Twitter they’re saying Coinbase has been reported for insider trading. Coinbase replied saying employees have been banned from trading bch for a long time, but it’s definitely a possibility. Especially considering there isn’t any regulation and it’s hard to resist temptation when everyone around you is getting filthy rich off crypto.

That's worrying but not surprising. Any evidence or just rumours at this stage?

It seems like there’s been quite a few coincidences related to but walls, Tweets, etc. but no hard proof. Shit like this will bring the government in awefully quick though.

Excellent post . thanks for sharing.

Bitcoin will probably be just a storage of value in future.It's already useless now as way to pay something,imagine in future.
But im not sure that BTC Cash is the next big thing.There are better solutions. :)

Great, one of the few times that I'm away from the computer for several hours, and this!

Is it only natural for this to happen. Many people dont like Bitcoin cash but the transactions are faster plus if adopted by more merchants Bitcoin Cash will seem as the cheaper Bitcoin to the new users.

what happened market @kingscrown
oh shit

@kingscrown Coinbase has already added BCH , but the site is not working at the moment. Maybe they can't handle the volume of users and currency changing hands. Big times coming for BCH, BTC's technical difficulties are giving BCH the opportunity to skyrocket!

Huge change in the game though! Like they're trying to manipulate things! Interesting times!

thats what my first sentence says ;) i just predicted the add 2 days ago.

@kingscrown Thank you for always providing up to date information! I really appreciate you!


what's interesting is everyone wants XRP added to Coinbase

To me it’s more of a bank to bank coin not necessarily a peer to peer everyday coin like bth

Can't disagree w you there... but comment after comment on Twitter is add XRP, found it surprising.

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I am wondering what happens in the bitcoin future market at that moment.

It is just another position in the rollercoaster journey of BTC. This is good for the new players. So buy as others sell.

Holy smokes. Did you all see that 8k price in Coinbase?

something is up with that, that price hasn't moved,

Any ideas? Maybe coinbase doesn’t have much bitcoincash

Wow amaizing! A new waive of pump seems nonstop.

It’s the big movers trying to make quick cash on back of ignorant investors who were late in the game. This is why bitcoin and most will fail if they keep this up. There needs to be stability. People will start to get confused and mad then abandoned crypto all together. I’m still hesitant in putting in tons of money in bitcoin. Smartest move is to put maybe $1-3k in altcoins under $1 and buy low sell high. Still it’s basically gambling but I look at it like savings account that could give me 10-20X in a few months to year

The world is desperately looking for a cryptocurrency that can be can be actually used as a currency. I believe in 2018 only three coins can be provide that function: Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin have had their runs, just wait until Dash Evolution goes into beta in February 2018. Happy Holidays to you all!

Will decentralized exchanges help scale the demand in these situations better than centralized exchanges?... They're seemingly no better than banks... Unprepared custodians of our money

Wow #Bch hit 4k on trex holy shit couldn't get any orders into that spike shit froze but getting more sells above 3200. Hope everyone crushed this play fucking incredible day wow 👏👏

yeah..BCH is bumping...

BCH was up around 8k then back down to around $3,300 but no chart is showing its high at that price-what the hell is going on?

BCH is going for $8,500 on coinbase last I checked....Kraken and Bittrex about 3500-3700. Crazy.

MUy buena aclaración gracias!!

Woa, i am so impressed with your last post 2 days ago. Should of bought some BCH.

This was an interesting happening.
You could almost see it coming, but I didn't have any thoughts on how to play it.

I probably should get myself an exodus wallet.
And thanks for your reports.

great !

Crazy, coinbase keeps saying hey you should get on this, but something tells me the best has yet to come, once everyone goes live. Shit will be crazy yo

I think I might buy some BCH, I have no idea what I am doing though

I saw the news. Also dump bit to get some ETH. Need to find an alternative to coinbase.

At this point is Bitcoin Cash more a rival to Litecoin than Bitcoin?, appears Bitcoin is just going to be a store of value.

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This is definitely fuel for nightmares for those who just bought their coins.

I'm sure they're squirming in their corners already.

so sad i have 0.049 bch i exchange when it's 600$ now price so damn high

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Coinbase now seem synonymous with crashing God help us