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RE: Leverage Trading - 1 Bitcoin Can Be Traded For 100 Bitcoins !

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@moneyguruu sir leverage trading is very good in terms of earning. But it it too much risky also. As we know that higher the chances of earning higher the risks. So we should only use if we are very much expert like you .. and if can take risky also. What do you think sir am i right?


Very risky but if done with control it can return great potential as well ..

I think leverage trading is more for advanced trade who are willing to loose everything. One you opens a trade and you are some profit, the chances to get addicted to leverage trading are very high. Furthermore this involves, depending of you start budget, a high level of stress which can lead to addiction.I think you could trade leverage but just after a few years of trading experience and a set limit.

For me 10 x leverage is best and can result in huge profit if used without having much greed !

up vote for up vote sir ji

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