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RE: How to buy Bitcoin in the Eurozone - Comment acheter du Bitcoin dans la zone euro

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Thanks for clarifying the verification procedure with Kraken. I have an account there, but never got to verify it as my bank was charging 10 or maybe 15 euro for the transfer... and I had no idea about that Fidor bank.
Well, I didn't actually needed as I have a local exchange that works well. When we're mooning and I'll have what to withdraw I'll explore all the options.
I started in 2017, too - amazing how many things we have learned in such short a time!


If I'm not mistaken you are in the "Sterling zone" though, is that correct? Or are there euro banks charging 10 or 15 euros for a SEPA transfer (what a racket!)?

I'm in Bucharest! That's the tax on my euro account... unfortunately!

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