C'mon Jihan Enough is Enough - Bitcoin Split or Not?

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In my research around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a man named Jihan always seems to come up.

Who is Jihan and why is he important?

Jihan Wu is the co-founder of BITMAIN, one of most recognized and valuable bitcoin companies, and has come into limelight as a supporter of Bitcoin Unlimited, a solution to solve Bitcoin’s scalability issue. Jihan Wu founded Bitmain maintains AntPool which holds the largest hashrate distribution amongst mining pools; currently AntPool mines 16.4% of all blocks. This makes Jihan Wu highly influential in the Bitcoin community.

From what I've read recently it looks like Jihan may be pushing for a Bitcoin split included in the upcoming hard fork. This seems like bad news to me...

According to a recent CoinTelegraph article this is very likely to happen:

In its initial announcement earlier this month, Bitmain, arguably the largest mining equipment manufacturer and mining pool operator in the industry, threatened the community with a contentious hard fork in response to the user-activated soft fork (UASF).

Just combing through the web and found this recent video with Jihan speaking his mind.

What is he talking about? Anyone want to chime in and explain some of the points he has made in this recent interview?

Final Thoughts

I'm left with more questions than answers when approaching this issue:

1.) Does Jihan want to break Bitcoin and split it and if so, why?

2.) Should we expect 3 or more coins to emerge as a result of the Bitcoin split?

3.) Will investors continue to support Bitcoin after this ugly divorce?

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated and welcomed on this subject.

Thanks for reading.


Who Is Jihan Wu, and Does He Basically Control Bitcoin Today? | Investopedia

Bitmain: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Merely Contingency Plan for UASF | CoinTelegraph


This is very interesting news. I bet there are more than a few people shorting Bitcoin right about now.

I think you are probably right. There is huge uncertainty at the moment with btc.

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