BIDIUM is a crypto-currency exchange that combines an auction, a freelance site and a stock exchange.

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Hello to all readers of my blog. Today I will introduce you to the promising and actively developing project BIDIUM.

BIDIUM is a crypto-currency exchange that combines an auction, a freelance site and a stock exchange.

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Advantages of the BIDIUM platform

Saves time.

One of the most important resources in our life is time, so it is impossible to explain the importance of its economy. To declare the price of the product, it is given exactly 24 hours. Accordingly, sellers are guaranteed to interact with authorized users and do not face offenders.

Profit from the sale of advertising.

Sellers are guaranteed to receive one second from advertising profits, and it does not matter whether their product is sold or not. In case the product is still sold, the buyer receives 30% of the funds received from the sale of advertising.

To save money.

The revenue is distributed among all BIDM owners, without payment of the BIDM token transfer transaction between users of the BIDIUM platform.


One of the important functions of the platform. In history, there are ratings for all freelancers and employers.

Information about ICO and tokens

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  • Name of the token: Bidium
  • Ticker: BIDM
  • Total amount: 1 million BIDM
  • Token price (before ICO): US $ 0.01
  • Price of the marker (Crowdsale): 0.02 USD
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
  • Lower threshold of purchase: 50 USD
  • Upper purchase threshold: $ 10,000

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Distribution of funds

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  • 45% - development and development of the platform
  • 30% marketing
  • 15% reserve
  • 5% - management
  • 5% of legal procedures - Distribution of tokens
  • 80% - Crawdsdale
  • 10% reserve
  • 5% of generosity
  • 3% creators
  • 2% - to the project advisers

Below is the roadmap for the project:

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The BIDIUM command

The project is a large team of developers and consultants, in one word professionals and specialists in their field.

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Nausheen Ahmad is the CEO of the company. He has eight years of experience in information technology and web development.

Garima Singh is the technical director of the project. She is an expert in block technology. It is thanks to this that the work of the "road map" and the development of the "business model" are provided.

John Shipman is a developer of the blockbuster. He has more than 9 years of experience in the field of information technology. He has already managed to create coins / tokens based on ERC 20.

Valo Boni is one of the project developers who also has more than 9 years of experience in his field.

Ashish Sharma is the leading developer of the project and provides consulting services. At one time was an associate professor of the department of technical university.

Ammar Luqman Siddique is responsible for the SMM market. He has four years of experience in marketing and is a professional manager of social networks.

The project also has a team of professional advisors led by
Vladimir Nikitin.

More detailed information about each of them you can find in the technical document BIDIUM, the link to which I left below. Be sure to visit the official website and social networks of the project to learn more about BIDIUM. The project is interesting and deserves your attention. This gives investors the opportunity to use the market without a centralized location and allows them to carry out transactions directly quickly and safely. Register BIDIUM!

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More info:


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