Great deals on Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency ebooks on Humble Bundle!

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Wow! This time it's really something for all of us!

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

At least $1:

  • Bitcoin for the Befuddled,
  • Learning Bitcoin,
  • Bitcoin Essentials,
  • 85% Off Essentials of Bitcoin and Blockchain Pre-Order (Pre-Order Video Discount),
  • 85% Off Getting Started with Python Bitcoin Programming (Video Discount),
  • Limited Time - FREE Magazines from Zinio!.

At least $8:

  • all above and:
  • Understanding Bitcoin,
  • Mastering Blockchain,
  • Blockchain Basics,
  • The Blockchain Alternative.

At least $15:

  • all above and:
  • Introducing Ethereum and Solidity,
  • Bitcoin For Dummies,
  • The Bitcoin Big Bang,
  • Building Blockchain Projects.

This is a good list, thank you for placing them together in a post. Seeing them side by side truly gives a person enough thought to generate ideas and motivation.

Love Humble Bundle. So many good deals every week.

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