Hey Brother. Looks like this post marked a short term top! Hahaha.

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for supporting my blog all these....umm years? haha. Been a while now hasn't it. Didn't I find you, thinking you were somebody else!??? haha

I recently crossed the Atlantic from Europe and have found myself back with my x girlfriend in Ecuador!

Man, I've been poking around the platform lately, so many people have stopped posting and using steemit that were quite active about 6 months ago. It's got me quite concerned....does steemit recover and the price go up? or does steemit go away?

What do you think?

Yo! Good to hear from you.
So you moved bakced to SA, cool.
It's hard to say if we will see Steem above $1 his year. I still belive in this blockchain to be one of the best out there.

I think that mass adoption for blockchain is yet to come and Steem has already build up a brand, however still small. If the new users will grow in the next fase we could see other prices than below 1$. Imo this is for the long run. :) Do not concern to much.

I don't know if you confused me with another person haha. Its always fun to see your blogs.

Have a good weekend. Greetings from Netherlands.


Thanks for sharing your views on steemit, you certainly have a good grasp on this stuff, more so than myself. Would be great to see things take off again like they did early last year.

Ecuador is great, I'm here for five more days then up to New York to visit family for a few weeks. Then going to have an adventure through South America with my Ecuadorian Girlfriend. Probably will be visiting places like Mendoza (wine capital) Argentina, Cordoba Argentina, and Rio D'janeiro Brazil, between these places and Ecuador is Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay. So we'll see what's doing in the countries as well most likely. Then flying to Bangkok to spend another winter in South East Asia, then maybe India for a while. At the moment we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, so good to hear from you and thank you so much with your support of my blog it's always greatly appreciated. Have an excellent day! -Dan