Central Banks "RACE TO INFLATE." What Is Really Going On. By Gregory Mannarino

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People..The Federal Funds rate is going to below zero as debt issuance goes into hyper-drive, and soon you will be paying the banks to keep your cash in them. (legal theft on an Epic scale right out of your account(s). World central banks and their respective governments are now FULLY ENGAGED in a "RACE TO INFLATE." These Central Banks very creation at their inception has been, and is, to be the lenders and buyers of last resort.. creating BORROWERS en masse, both nations and individual citizens. This is the very nature of the debt based economic model-THEIR CREATION BY DESIGN... Make no mistake about it. And with the direct help from world leaders, central banks they are fulfilling their "destiny"... GM

Trump out again DEMANDING that The Fed. cut rates and VASTLY increase America's debt load. (FOMC Meeting this week..) The RACE TO INFLATE is on people.. and ON YOUR BACK! In the event that POTUS gets his negative rate wish, and I am NOT saying it would be ANY different under a Democrat, YOU WILL have cash legally taken right out of your accounts by your bank.. It is GRAND theft on a NATIONAL LEVEL...


Greg, thank you for the Evolution system, the Quant system, and the 123 Boom system, but the thing you've really given me is the confidence to trade the market every day. Since September, I've made between $50 and $1000 daily and it doesn't matter if the market is up, down, or sideways. Thank you!

Always great content and view. I'm curious though. Do you also have a blog on Coil? If so I would like to subscribe there also.

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