Now, LIVE STEEM And Ripple Charts Added To TradersChoice. FREE... By Gregory Mannarino

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Below is a snapshot of now LIVE charts of both STEEM and Ripple which can be found at the bottom center on my website chart page. Click HERE:


I hope you take advantage of all the FREE stuff available right on my website and RIP THE FACE CLEAN OFF THESE MARKETS.. ALL OF THEM!

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

My website, click here:

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@marketreport...Great to have Steem on your page. Big thing. Ripple is the Coin of the banks. They can inflate it exactly like the dollar. Maybe very good for trading but not my thing. upvoted and resteemed

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|Cool update!

Ripple chart added;
nice, now we can hold the Banksters in sight!

it's amazing my friend

Hallo @marketreport...Great to have Steem on your page. Big thing. Ripple is the Coin of the banks. They can inflate it exactly like the dollar. Maybe very good for trading but not my thing. Thanks for sharing this post.upvoted and resteemed

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Thank you very much
I am glad I found you article
I am interested in the bitcoin
I will definitely buy a few and make an exodus wallet too
It seems to be a very good useful coin
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you are alsways best and today with these 2 coins live chart is also good @resteemd

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I bought STEEM, but kinda gun shy of RIPPLE. I'm more of a HODLer than a trader. Upvoted and thanks!

Nice addition! Most crypto lovers won't like that Ripple chart because they say it's the bankster coin! :P Thanks again Greg!

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Nice post my friend

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Thanks Greg for all this free stuff. Much appreciated.

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Liking that banker coin eh? That is NOT a crypto. Try LITECOIN. That is undervalued! Should be 1/4 a bitcoin or 30x higher.


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Bitcoin is the best way to make money as i know.

thanx to share with us ripple and steem report ssir

sure thsi chart will help us to understand steema nd ripple resteemd

thanx to give updates on this ans speciall for steem its more good marketreport

steem will be rise up to 100 in till next year thanx so talk on it and give this chart sir

bitcoine to the Moon and Beyond.great news.
the is the best treading is very good for us.
Yes am very happy because this is the first Good news I got this year..
I just hope this year is filled with so many good news.

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Thanx Gregory!!!!! You da Man!!!!
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Hey do I see a #FAKEMARKET over there????? Yup indubitably

Actually this video very helpful for us..Thanks for sharing ..

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Keep doing awesome. Cant ever get enough of be your own particular national bank talk. Particularly with regards to metals and cryptos joined.

Thanks @marketreport! Steem is awesome and the Future of social Media. Maybe you could although uploud at Dtube ?

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The chart of steem look too much side but in general have a good support

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So steem is more stable than the other cryptos? I've heard you mention it's more stable than bitcoin in your videos. The website seems to load better in desktop mode on my chrome android browser.

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Why does Gregory Mannarino, calls himself "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street"?

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Awesome additions, Greg. I just checked them out. Looks good!

it is very informating...thanks for sharing

steemite in robin hoods @marketreport and @mafsteem

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Thank you for your information.

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A very simple conclusion follows. Sell ripple and buy Steam.

Напрашивается очень простой вывод. Продавайте ripple и покупайте Steem.

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You are a boss of crypto market. Thanks for sharing us

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Throw up EOS and take down XRP....


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Steem is doing really good lately! I think it will be worth something like 20$ by the end of the year :)

Bitcoin is awesome. Thanks for sharing us

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