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What if tomorrow morning you wake up and find someone gave you $10,000 tax-free?
How would you invest that money?

The answers may be different, many of them reveal wishes, worries and problems of a person.

LendEDU, a marketplace for private student loans, student loan refinancing, credit cards and personal loans founded in 2014, asked 1000 Americans from the general population to answer this question: "If you were given $10,000 tax-free and had the ability to invest all of it in one of the following options, which would you choose?"


Considering that this question was addressed to the general population, it is not surprising that 27.30% would use the money to pay down debt. It appears debt is a constant for almost all age groups. Stock market is still a kind of investment more preferred than Cryptocurrency but the distance is not so big and probably going to zero in a few years from now.

What your answer to the same question is? Feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow with another post

source: LendEDU


They'd be wasting that 10k to pay down debt.

what would your choice be among the listed ones?

the top 3 after p2p would be my choices.
in a bull run it would all go into crypto, in this market it would be into my own education and own business.

wise, I like it

What business do you have?

it really depends on what type of debt it is. If the debt is manageable, then I would tend to agree. But if it is difficult to service the payments on the debt, it might make sense to pay it off.

I completely agree as crypto will definitely get mass adoption soon. and will be equality important as stock market.

thanks for reading my post! Yes, adoption is is a marathon and not a sprint but it is coming :)

Thank you for this post got me thinking if you ask me this question a year ago yes I would have paid down my debt. but if I had the chance today. I will put every red Cent into Ripple xrp. because that's how much I believe in it. the future as we know it will be different within two to three years and eventually fiat currency will be extinct.

thank you for the article marlon6. I will subscribe to your Channel.I'll definitely be looking out for more good content from you.

thanks, @c21willie! I am a crypto enthusiast like you :) Surely there will be more statistical posts and surveys about crypto matters

I'd like to see how the answer differs if you add "10k you won in the lottery" vs. "10k bonus you worked 10 years for"

yep, that would be interesting

Can't go wrong buying gold

it's a classic choice. I think Bitcoin is gold 2.0

Hi dear sir
I am not put all money in one business.i divided $10000 into some division and invest in best sector for long term.for some 25 percent invest in 'HIGH RISK HIGHER RETURN' and 75 percent money invest in no risk sector

it is not exactly what was asked in the survey (cause everything should have been put in a single option) but I see what you mean: don't put all your eggs in the same basket, thanks for commenting!

which mean 27.30% of US Citizens are against the current FED's interest hiking

yes, probably more than that

It's not a choice, when a country is in huge deficit /broke you need to raise interest to attract new money.

I would find a worker on steem, who got a concept to write post every day. Create a short contract with him, then invest the money to buy steem coins, to power up his steempower. Then the 10k would affect the price up steem, and it will rise. Second, the agreement what i would make is, he needs to power down and give 75% of the power down ammount. And he needs to pay the full 10k back with the power down. Second, he needs to give 50% of every reward he makes to me, until he paid the full 10k back with the power down, and then he is free. Third, he needs to automatic vote 10 shrimps, to boost others with his high vote. Now this could work if the worker got a concept to create 3 or 4 post every day. And with the 10k boost on steempower, it will lead to more votes, higher reputation and he can easily earn more than he will lose with powerdown. What leads to a daily and weekly income, higher steem price and the worker get a boost with his account, and he can boost others on the same time. And within 13 weeks you got the 10k back, if price don't change. And the profit will be in the daily rewards. But this can only work with someone who you know personal, or you have to make a good agreement with someone, like a legal contract. And if you ask me, there should be a application made on steemit, what can create contracts between members for cases like this. Delegation with a small twist. :)
So if i had 10k to invest, then i would invest in myself and do everything what i write above here.

sounds like a good plan, like a chain reaction and everybody wins

Yes indeed, Steemit can be a great success but people needs to invest in the right strategy, and creating a domino effect is one of them.

Such a high number for savings/CD.

surprising but this is the general population so there are people of all ages involved, not only millennials but also baby boomers and older

the truth I would also do the same

do you mean that you would use this money to pay down your debt?

Yes, I said that

How would I invest that amount of money with STEEM at 0.79$? All 10.000$ on STEEM and then power up, baby! :)

sure, I completely agree with you!

I would do the same thing.
Steem is almost risk free at this low prices!

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As I am already debt free, and diversified with regards to general investments. Were I handed 10K for nothing, I would probably just buy steem with it.

you are lucky, I discovered Steemit recently so I would probably do the same


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thanks @chibera congrats for your great project!

i will choose p2p and cryptocurrency :)

I agree with you very much @cityofstars that's why I own some crypto and I have got a delegation here on Steemit (searching for more, at the moment)

interesting, I like your blog "the money to pay down debt"

thank you @aple! I think we all have debts, big or (hopefully) small, so this is number 1 answer in this survey

In Europe (I guess like in Russia too) the student debt is something non existent and we wonder about those miracles of the American Dream.