yes it was. it droped at 4am. like a stone. after i got into cryptos i wake up at 5 am. i was late :(

It's wild everywhere. FUD and all. I hope that everything gets back on an uptrend. I miss my gains.

why not to get some extra gains by buying these delicious dips? you shouldn't be sad but rather appreciate the opportunity, heads up! ;-) Best of luck to you!

6700 to 9700 BTS in 2 days!
Lovely dips 8)

I ran out of buying power that's why. :))

I know that feeling, I'm setting myself up for a little negotiation with my wife at dinner today, need to increase our invest limit a little :D

Good luck! I just got the okay from mine. Time to go shopping, lol.

I'm getting calls daily from different people wanting to get in on the action. Everyone wants some $BTC :-)

What is the exchange? I did not noticed any wild action on bitstamp

I watch binance, it seems to be more volatile