Trust me on this, I live in Venezuela and even with crypto being like it is now, it helps an incredible amount of freaking LOT.

I have no doubts about that. Crypto depreciation is no where close to that of the Bolivar.

However, KAU will certainly provide an easy means of spending the holding. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

Ok that's your. You guys are on the furtune side but for we in Nigeria, it's nothing to write home about. Almost all my friends I started out on steem have given up.

When I started many of my friends and family members joined too. 90% of them are gone, I almost gave up too once or twice. But just like everyone told in the beginning: the first 3 months are critical, almost no one survives.Just like in anything in your life, you can't give up on things just because it gets rough.

But truth is Steem isn't for everyone. If you don't create good content, if you're not a web developer, a nerd, a geek, or whatever, you obviously aren't going to make it. Most people want to make steem out of a picture of the coffee they had in the morning, and that's not how this works at all. You have to unerstand a little bit of how the community works, otherwise, you're lost.

Yo are absolutely right. But what really matters is how engaged you are.

That's a misconception.
I can explain in detail on Telegram as this is drifting away from the topic of the article.

Telegram: @HatuSS

The thing with gold is that it appreciates in the long-term. It does not share price cohesion with Crypto or even fiat.

Oh really? But the downfall of BTC is what actually brought steem price down and other alt-coins

Again, the prices of STEEM and BTC have nothing to do with the price of gold.

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