Another Red Day - HODL/BUY/SELL?

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What's up Vincentb gang and fellow Steem members? It looks to be another day in the red for the crypto markets. In these cases, if you're new to the market it's never best to panic, simply HODL on to your initial investments if they were based on solid research and fundamentals. Often times, you'll be happy you did down the road.

This latest "red storm" may also present some buying opportunities for crypto coins you were eyeing. As a lot of selling is going on right now, watch to see which coins look like deals for you. I won't hesitate to reinvest some profits into those coins for potential future gains. Check the charts at CoinMarketCap, etc. to see what the recent highs were for some of those that have pulled back a bit.

Remember, I'm no financial advisor, but these are some of the concepts I have been working within this crazy volatile market!

What are you doing on this red day - HODLing, buying or selling?


I guess it is a good opportunity to get some coins. Also, I have heard about this bitcoin rhodium, through this article
Hope it will be helpful.

Thanks, will take a look!

Me & my boy VincentB are out BUYing the sale increasing our BTC hodlings! Some projects coins we feel can bring quick returns are XP(great team and project), B3 (rebrand 1/9, new website & awesome community), ZCL (BTCP fork coming soon & is in its usually dip today right now down 25%, easy one to trade daily) VTC (more of a HODL) but amazing team & project) & POWR (simply will explode in 2018! We neither are financial advisors and are not responsible for losses or gains! DYOR

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