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Pascal Boyart created A new Bitcoin puzzle. An outsized and superbly painted street mural in Paris contains the key to winning 0.26 BTC ($1,000).

New Bitcoin Puzzle in Paris

To celebrate and commemorate the tenth birthday of Bitcoin’s genesis block, creator Pascal Boyart has painted a frescoe within the street of the City of Light containing a 0.26 BTC puzzle in it.

“#StreetArt game in Paris with a #Bitcoin puzzle For the tenth birthday of the genesis block, I painted this frescoe in Paris with a 0.26btc ($1000) puzzle in it.

Here’s the public key: 1NqPwPp7hEXZ3Atj77Ue11xAEMmXqAXwrQ Thanks to "alistairmilne" for sponsoring this.”

The creator additionally disclaimed that whoever needs to resolve the puzzle entirely has to be physically standing ahead of the mural.

A Growing Trend

This is aloof from being the primary puzzle containing Bitcoin rewards. In fact, spreading awareness through art and puzzles has become a standard observe within the field of cryptocurrencies.

Back in Gregorian calendar month, a user created one more Bitcoin puzzle that contained one BTC as a souvenir to whoever manages to resolve it.

Before that, in Feb, a user solved a puzzle that contained a complete of 4.87 BTC as a souvenir. funnily enough, the puzzle was announce 3 years agone however nobody managed to resolve it for the present.

Puzzles aren't the sole issue growing in quality once it involves cryptocurrency-related design, though.

Another creator – a user by the name of Cryptograffiti, recently auctioned a small painting made from elements of a $1 bill, to rock bottom bidder. the most plan was to spotlight the capabilities of the Lightning Network to handle microtransactions. The piece was sold-out for a milli-satoshi that, at the time, was price simply $0.000000037.

What do you think of the new Bitcoin puzzle? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!



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