Leverage Trading - 1 Bitcoin Can Be Traded For 100 Bitcoins !

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Leverage Trading - 1 Bitcoin Can Be Traded For 100 Bitcoins ! png.png

Hello Friends ,

Today i would like to talk about leverage trading where you can trade for 100 bitcoins while you only have 1 bitcoin in pocket . I will be even sharing some leverage trading secrets which will help you to earn regular profit from it so stay with the blog till end .

But before i move ahead with this blog i would like you to know leverage trading is just like gambling where you trade for bitcoin movements weather price will increase or decrease once you open the trade (this is highly risky and can result in loss of all your earnings ) so i will advise use this platform of leverage trading only if you know what’s really going on in crypto market as if you know how to use it then you can really make big bucks from leverage trading .

Leverage Trading !.png

We all know futures market has started in bitcoins as well and we always get stressed when we see bitcoin price to go down as we are holders for bitcoins but now i will say no more to that stress . Using leverage trading and this platform we can even earn when bitcoin price fall , yes you heard it right you can earn with every fall of bitcoin price as well .

Over here i am talking about Bitmex which allow us leverage trading where you can either short or long bitcoin and start making profits on your futures trading of bitcoin .

To join Bitmex you can join from here - https://goo.gl/pcuQfN


So what is Bitcoin Futures trading ?

  • Trading where you can predict if the price of bitcoin will go up or down once you open your trade .

What is Shorting Bitcoin ?

  • Means you are predicting that bitcoin price will go down . So if you open a trade and bitcoin price goes down you make money and if the bitcoin price increases after you open trade then you loose money .

Shorting Bitcoin .png

What is Longing Bitcoin ?

  • means you are predicting that bitcoin price will increase . So if you open a trade and bitcoin price increases after you open a trade then you earn profit over it and if bitcoin price fall after you open the trade then you loose money on that trade .

Long Bitcoin.png

What is Leverage Trading ?

So if you have 1 bitcoin in your wallet using leverage trading on Bitmex platform we can even trade for 100 bitcoin worth value .

Bitmex leverage trading offers us multiple leverage trading option . 2x -3x - 5x -10x -25x -50x -100x Leverage .

Let me try to explain you with example

For example if bitcoin price is $10000 today and you have 1 bitcoin on Bitmex .

Now you have option weather you want to take high risk or low risk .

  • Higher the risk more money to be made and higher the chance to loose every penny you have .

So if you choose 10x leverage then that means :

you can trade for 10 x 10000 i.e $100000 value .

Now if you decided to Long Bitcoin and bitcoin went from $10000 to $11000 so your trade made profit of $1000 which will be multiplied with 10 as you have choose risk of 10 x . So your total profit in the case would be $1000 x 10 = $10000

But on other hand

If you decide to long bitcoin and bitcoin went from $10000 to $9000 so your trade went on loss of $1000 which will be multiplied with 10x as you have chosen 10 x risk . So $1000 x 10 = $10000 and this was the money you have in your account which will not be liquidated amung the users on bitmex . Means you lost all $10000

Let’s take another example which is never suggestible :

If bitcoin value is $10000 and we choose 100x leverage then we can trade for 10000 x 100 = $1000000

Now again if you decided to long bitcoin and bitcoin went from $10000 to $10100 means only $100 profit made on trade that means total profit will be $100 x 100 = $10000 which means you doubled your money with only $100 movement in your favor.

But now on other hand :

Now again if you decided to long bitcoin and bitcoin went from $10000 to $9900 then your trade made $100 loss which will be multiplied with 100 so amount will be $100 x 100 = $10000 loss and that is all what you had in your account .

So it clearly means the more leverage you choose more risk you are putting in . For sure returns can be huge you can even make 100 bitcoin out of 1 bitcoin using leverage trading on bitmex but this is very risky as any sudden moment against your trade can liquidate your trade and result in full loss of money .


Always open a trade at high support level of bitcoin for example if bitcoin is at $6050 then the chance of it to go below $6000 is very less at that time if you open 10 x leverage trade you can make $200 easy as at those levels as we usually see $100-$300 pumps at those levels .
So if we made profit of $200 in 10 x leverage we are directly making $200 x 10 =$2000 profit as we open trade at very high chance of WIN .

So what you think about leverage trading after reading this blog pls comment below .

And if this blog has helped you to understand what is leverage trading and you will be able to take advantage of it now then pls Upvote to show your love and support .

Leverage trading is very risky i will advise only expert or people who have knowledge about bitcoin and charts should do this kind of trading . So any profit or loss for your decision to leverage trade will be your responsibility .

Wish You Success


looks like a nonsense

This guy has excellent knowledge in all fields.....hats off.....keep going on Sumit ji

Why? Why this is looks like a nonsense? Can you explain?

@nonsense can care to explain why you think it's nonsense?

it is nonsense another steemit expert = fake

Sheesh another post and another way for your followers to get REKT!!!!

Your title encourages people to gamble all their money with 100x leverage.

Basically you're selling a promise of big earnings with a reflink.

Really do you think it's worth the risk? Right you can make 100-1000$ in 5 minutes, but you can also lose ALL YOUR BALANCE IN A SINGLE BLINK.

Cmon man

This usually a HIGH RISK AND HIGH RETURNS system where a newbies should be cautioned to get into this system without any knowledge. No doubt leverage trades are for short term traders and proficient in charting knowledge where they can play with reading the candlestick patterns

High risk high returns 'trading' should be called ''gambling''.

Emotions shouldn't interfere and a lot of people get burned coz they see leverage as a quick rich scheme.

Sure it is, but for the counterparty.

@fcalabuig if we are able to control our emotions there is no chance we could loose in trading . Its only our greed and emotions which results in loss at end :)

Success in trading comes only with a great risk & emotion management. Even doing this perfectly loses come from time to time.

The market can stay irrational until you lose all your balance. Even with a 'good prediction'.

Take care.

Yes you are right more high risk more high return but more chances to loss all

Yes we can lose in single blink. Well said

Hey, friend I have read all his (@moneyguru) posts, he just makes a video and then writes the same content on all of social networking platforms. Do you guess how he gained such a good ranking in a month only? He fools all his YouTube subscribers and insist them to up vote his posts, and he never up vote in return. So he is just a scammer with shit content, who always misuse his followers.

@moneyguruu is not making fool to their subscribers he is genuine & just doing his work with full efforts and try to aware their viewers to earn by any online platform, And his subscribers are not an idiot that by only listening they will going to invest her/his money blindly to any quick scheme, And Yes he is gained such a good ranking in the world of social media but not in month, he is struggling from years.

@hitbitman . Are you jealous of his success or someone told you to do so. Because @moneyguruu saved a lot of people from being fooled by so many online earning hypes on social media. We follow him out of trust , not because he said something. False accusation without knowing a person is dangerous. First do a deep research about him then conclude. Do not speculate.
And by the way, the actual @moneyguruu here is with a double "u" after the letter "r". This very mistake of yours clearly explain that you know nothing of him. If you have seen his recent videos he also mentioned this fact that someone is trying to be him. Do your research again.

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@fcalaubig my friend this is what post says that you can earn big and loose all in leverage trading and me telling people about it doesn't means people gonna invest there all money over it . People are trading on bitmex from long and you or me telling about it makes no difference either . Few people are risk takers and this platform is basically for risk takers only .

The fact that you explain in a single post ''what is longing/shorting'' and ''what is leveraging'' with a ''PRO TIP TO LEVERAGE'' encourages noobs to try this because ''it seems easy''.

I'm almost 100% sure that your ''pro tip'' will make 99,9% of people trying it to lose money. It's simply irresponsible to sell 'trading' like this. What you describe there is gambling mate.

Theorically you're trusted (as this post is in trending with +500STU in rewards and your reputation is high). So yes, it's probable that someone reading this post goes to bitmex trying to make a killing.

I'm sorry, but I strongly disagree with this kind of 'educational posts'. U should reconsider your way of selling, people can get burned and this is the same people that later says ''cryptocurrency is a scam''.

Kindly regards.

EDIT: Must say that In any way I'm not trying to discredit your work, I see that you have a high following at YT and this is exactly what steem needs. More people working towards it.

But please, use your power & influence carefully. This post have serious flaws but I'm sure that you created pretty decent content. It's our job as content creators to have a educated following regarding our subjects of interest.

I agree, well said, @moneyguruu has no clue how dangerous he is! He told me to go check a live smart contract on GITHUB! what an Idiot!

I want 100 BTC!!

do leverage trading with 1 btc at 10x leverage !

It is very risky..can you provide us strategies ??

Nice post sir but I would really want you to share your knowledge over how do you as a trader research and find valuable things to invest money in, may it be stocks or cryptos, how do you analyse charts, what other things you look for when making a decision that it is the time invest to dive into the thing, your stories of when you failed and suffered losses and how you re-motivated yourself to get back into the field, your control of emotions when trading.

I really feel a lot people don't understand that there's no shortcut to success. They may just see that the leader is making profit in some way in much less time, then we too can. But they will neglect the years you would have spend in accumulating that knowledge and experience to know what may work and when.

I guess investments ought to be a "calculated risk" and not gambling, because if it is done like a gamble, I can assure as a developer in the gambling industry, that one can't win for longer time, the RTP (Return To Player) is fixed.. It may be a good day today but tomorrow will be worse.

Wish you more luck sumit sir and to the community too .. :)

Everyone has their own methodology and should always come up with their own conclusions, but there are a ton of indicators that are publicly available and can help determine price directionality. We are still in the very early phases of our project, but you can check out our daily predictions to help you with your research: https://www.predictcrypto.net/predict/latest

In crypto i will not advice to study chart for now work on news and that is good enough to get you return on leverage trading when you enter at big dip .

and yes if people understand that there is no shortcut to success then they will really work hard and in intelligent way to get results bit quick for themself .

sir,are you going to make any youtube video on this ?

Sir mai apki baat se puri tarah se sahmat hu..aapne ek contain bataya ki is tarah se aap log kam paisa laga ke jyada paisa kama sakte ho aur loss ke bhi bahut se chanse h to isme bura kya h ,jab apne steemit ke bare me bataya to kya tha usme to apne nahi kaha ki turant kamayi chalu ho jayegi...
Sir kuch logo ko jalan hoti h dyse ki tarraki se

Sahir market me intra trade me bhi aisa hi hota h use to koi galat nahi batata..jiski chamta ho vo intra trade kare 10000 me 1lakh tak ka shair lag jata h jitna jyada profit ho sakta h utna hi loss bhi ho sakta h.
Sumit sir maine apko follow karke one year me 4-5 5 lakh kamaye h wo bhi bahut kam paisa laga ke
So sir mai kahna chahta hu ki you are great

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Please no scammers!! or you will be blocked....

Pls don't advertise such things on post as this is clear indication to scam people ...

Leverage trading is very high risky .............newcomer pls learn and trade

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Life is a risk anyway so why not but do it when you know what you are doing.

Exactly that is what my post says leverage trading is for risk takers :) @cryptopie

don't beg for upvote. work hard and show something to the world the world will be in your hands,life is full of struggle those who work hard get success and those who don't work hard and ask others will never get success.
Please Don't offence.
Take care

Okay bro i appreciate you . But tell me so how can we rank on Steemit

thanks. bro i will try my best to write a blog how can we rank on steemit

Leverage Trading comes with high risk

Do it if you really understand it

Otherwise you can lose all you have

But article is good

Indians are doing great work on Steemit

Keep support to each other

@real-info I am new in crypto.should i do this trade or not?

New people have to avoid it, first need to learn basics of trading then after you may try it with small amount.

You should avoid it like the plague because you will lose all your investment if you do . I’m 100 % right on that .

dont do it unless and untill you understand the basics.

Even the basics aren't enough, you can easily lose your shirt especially with the shady ways these exchanges are known to screw over their own margin traders.

@charitybot - you are saying it right as i can clearly see there price is different then real bitcoin price as they have buy orders and sell order list what ever give them profit they can simply run towards that direction .

Yeah, it's highly probable that huge disparities in price between the exchanges are in part due to the fact that they can each manipulate the price to favor themselves depending on what margin trades+regular trades they see open at the time.

@charitybot but they can vary the price only by 100$ up or down and if they do more then that people gonna bring all there bitcoin over here to sell on bitmex which will make them on loss so $100 +- is what they deal with .

Bull run july last weak

@ real-info yaah thats true.
Kepp upvote eachother and resteem each other post .so we can earn huge

If you follow advice of Mr. Kapoor and post useful / original content then success is definite

As per leverage, start by small amount, then one day you can be expert of it

@real-info true. its very high risk and its not in our control because fundamental is always heavier than technical analysis. instant impact.

Thanks for appreciating . And yes leverage trading is only for expert level traders or if you enter at very big dip with 10x leverage you can make huge benefit at that time . @real-info

What is meant by the opening of trade mean here? Can you elaborate a little more briefly? I want to know that if bitcoin's price is $6000 and it goes to $5900 and then again it go to $6100, then what will happen?
Will I Lose money or gain money?

In my view Bitcoin test 4000$ level
What you think

No dear, I think 5800 is the bottom. What do you say about 5800 level ?

We as team of Real Info notice there is huge surge of Indian people in Steemit after your youTube videos on it

People really need to know these strategies of Trading like leverage

Try to make article on funding ( of Bitfinex) as some people have huge funds and they can earn by funding .

@real-info yes i was thinking to make some video on bitfinex as well and as you mentioned it now i will for sure work over it for my community .
And yes our community really want to do something unique that no one else have done . I am just trying my level best that 1000 or more people utilize this platform to earn there living out of it :)

nice explanation bro

Hi sumit ji i was waiting for your video about leverage trading .Thanks for making video

my test bitcoin touch this year 25000$

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Bitcoin trading is like gambling for average Joe. Gambling with 1:100 leverage is utter lunacy

if you said it is under high risk,so we press ourself in this field or not?

It is possible to make 1 doge to 100 doge.Im not sure it will work with btc. :)

Lols doge don't have those movements that btc have and it is 100% possible in btc .

Sir l have seen your vedio on YouTube regularly from 2 years
And I started my treading with 250 dollars and make 35000 dollars in one year
I build a home from my dreading moneyIMG-20180629-WA0057.jpg

I am super happy to see you succeed my friend and i wish you get all what you ever wish in life as success don't come easy if you are not willing to work over it to achieve it .

I have also a dream to make a house for my parents now we live in a rented house.I have learned so much by watching your video.IT really helped me to understand about trading.Thanks so much sir.Love you alot.

@aadram520 Bravo, great achievement. Just curious what business inspired you, I mean are you into trading, dropshipping or something else?

Bitcoin coin trading is very difficult because you don't know the market then loose your bitcoin in market .

Nice advice sir these post

So happy to see your success and achievement

leverage trading is high risk, if you really need to do that one must not go for more than 10x initially because your liquidation price gets closer to your order price as you get more margin. leverage trading is not for beginners.

Yes, but we all need to know strategies of trading, as crypto is long term game

We all are beginners

But we have to prepare ourselves for coming 2021

one of the best strategies is to have enough backup money to keep buying at lower levels and it allows you to trade freely.

Not a sound strategy at all.
And what is 'enough backup money' - does it mean trading only 10% of your available funds on any one trade? Is it 1%? Or is it 0.1%?

Imagine having $1. You decide to trade 1c so you ensure you have ability to 'trade freely'. You make a good trade and double your money - that 1c is now 2c and your overall money is $1.01. Is this trading freely - maybe. But it definitely is trading boring. No human has that level of patience - eventually they will trade all their funds hoping for a 5 or 10% return and bam, market turns and everything is lost.
Theory is one thing - but reality is very different.

Why coming '2021'?
What is specifically important about 2021, or do you mean the future generally?

After 2020 supply of Bitcoin those generated by mining get half

So there will be great hype of Bitcoin in 2021

It will be very much similar to 2017

Oh gotcha - that makes sense now .
Thanks 😄

Using it from some time now and for me 10x is best option to do trading on bitmex and going above that is risking all your money .

Hey hi Sumit Kapoor @moneyguruu

hope your coaching makes people rich :) and all the best for your best efforts sumit ...

and tq for following ... voted as promised ...

all the best for future posts ... will be in touch...

@moneyguruu sirji app great hoo. Many people will get help on this leverage trading blog but from my opinion, it's not a good way to earn the profit with that high risk. Hope beginner investor don't jump on it without learning or knowing ther risk.

That is where i will be talking on channel's today video ...

up vote for up vote

spam mat kro ban ho gayo gay

Very interesting post, so thank you!
The only thing I dont understand...how do you open a confirmed trade?
Is it like you open the webpage and this is the moment where the bitcoin has to be higher oder lower or is it like you can open the trade after a week or a month and then you'll know if you have earned or lost some money?

@the5kyliner its very simple . Once you open a trade for example $6500 is your entry point and now you decided to long bitcoin and invested 1 bitcoin with 10 x leverage .
So now if bitcoin price increased by $100 and went to $6600 then or later you can decide if you want to close your trade now or not . If yes, then you made $100 x 10 = $1000 profit on that trade .

I hope this made it clear to you :)

Hello @moneyguruu,

First of all great work and thanks for sharing unique content here with community. I have few doubts with it.

  1. Recently I posted one blog on Binary trading and I am thinking if leverage trade also entirely controlled by broker ( in this case BitMax) . Do you know the price of Bitcoin on BitMax is market driven ? or like binary trading its under control of Broker?

  2. At last you mentioned a Tip that if the price of BTC is 6050 then chances are high that it will not go below 6000, Then Is it also a tip like if the price of BTC is 6950 then chances are high that BTC will increase and reach 7000? Just trying to understand your theory?I am hoping your answer will help others too who is reading this comment.

  3. For example if I invested 1 BTC on Leverage trading and trade for 1000 BTC and lost it . How I will pay it as I already have no more money ,I just had 1 BTC which I already put in market ? Will it be a liability on me? Or I will have to put some kind of assurance before putting my margin trade?

  4. Last doubt and you must be hating these many questions but please tell me , Is it really trading or its simple gambling ?

Again thanks for informative blog-

There has always been speculation about any trading tools as in Cryptos, Stocks, Shares, Commodities or even Forex...one needs to primarily analyze and accept wether it has that appetite for or not. Than dont hold your horses. Let your mind win the DERBY. cheers!

I will answer your query in video by tomorrow so you can understand it much better @suniltikar

sehr Interesant
muss mich mit Trading beschäftigen
kenne mich noch nicht aus
bin neu im Krypto
Danke dafürt

100% Win Rate - The Balls Deep Strategy

  1. Go long and go short at the same time on the same coin
  2. Set stop-losses using the swing-low/swing-high strategy
  3. Get stopped out on one position
  4. Let the winner ride on the other position
  5. Balls Deep

For me there cannot be 100% winning rate in trading !

lol... I am not sure if this is a serious post and strategy, but it actually made me laugh -> so you get an upvote for that.

But - this is terrible, Bitmex is famous for constantly having small spikes and dips (via bots) to liquidate both longs and shorts -> so in your example, both positions would get 'stopped' rather quickly and you will lose your $$.

Please don't trade like this.

I congratulate you friend ! your publications are sensational! very complete!

How can you not upvote this photo. Nice

What is thw minimum amount of bet and is there any proof that our bitcoin is safe on this site?

I've used Bitmex for over a year with no problems. Well established site and operators.
But like you said, dealing on there are 'bets' and not trades at all - margin trading at anything over 2.5x is a gamble.

sir if i follow you follow me back and vote me

Just a big happy following group of guys - let us all join the party please :)

@moneyguruu i have a question to ask that for example if a person has 1 btc and he choose 100x leverage and the btc go below 9000 dollar then what will happen as he only deposit the amount of 1 btc is account and loss is more than that. so is there any policy of leverage trading?

I was making video over it today which will help all but due to some electricity problem in our area cannot make video today so tomorrow video will help you all over it ..

You would have got liquidated (lost your balance/deposit/collateral) by the system to ensure you you can't lose more than you have in your account.

At 100x leverage, a 1% change in the wrong direction and you get liquidated. A 1% change in the direction you want (increase if long, and decrease if short) and you would double your money - assuming you close out and lock in the gain.

@moneyguruu sir leverage trading is very good in terms of earning. But it it too much risky also. As we know that higher the chances of earning higher the risks. So we should only use if we are very much expert like you .. and if can take risky also. What do you think sir am i right?

Very risky but if done with control it can return great potential as well ..

I think leverage trading is more for advanced trade who are willing to loose everything. One you opens a trade and you are some profit, the chances to get addicted to leverage trading are very high. Furthermore this involves, depending of you start budget, a high level of stress which can lead to addiction.I think you could trade leverage but just after a few years of trading experience and a set limit.

For me 10 x leverage is best and can result in huge profit if used without having much greed !

up vote for up vote sir ji

Sir mere post ko @clvr bar bar flag kar deta h aur meri earning zero ho jaati h,plz help koi v payout wo lene nai deta h, Kindly help sir....

Simply well explained article about leverage trading each and every point good explained sir. But leverage trading is not for noobs. Its super risky deal. BTW have a look at my blog too sir. Thank you.

this is what i said . Get in only if you have knowledge about it..

good read. big big risk, with big potential. good luck all!

Can we trade in Bitmex with lesser than 1 bitcoin amount? new info..great post.

We can even trade with 0.01 Bitcoin .

Guruu I like u... Boss yoyo steemit. Tanqqqq for all the advice....👌👌👌👍👍👍

@moneyguruu but sometimes it also breaks strong support zone

@moneyguruu it's most dangerous trading my friend tried it but losses money. I also want to invest but Bhai you doesn't introduced it so I remains away from it.
Brother you are doing great work selflessly and thanks for teaching us steemit growing tips.
Waiting for your next video.
Please help us also to grow.

I will share its secret on channel today you can learn much more about it on channel today !

in bitmex leverage trading 100% risk 200% profit

Really nice blog,
Risk is main factor in this Game but risk is main factor in our life without risk our life can't run.
In this case before invest we need to learn something about it and then trade on it.
So this blog is really helpful to everyone.
Sumitbhai please guide us about How to trade safely on it.

Ganehs Jadhav

Thank you for this information.

Sumit sir congratulation this post is now on 3rd on tranding. Nice work . Awesome.

moneyguru sir, What are the possibilities of loss in this process?What are its bad sides???
please tell

@moneyguruu leverage trading is good for profit making but there is many risks if we are good in it then we can 100X profit but in the other hand we loose all our money. we have to study it very carefully then we can try. Thanks for this valuable information

this platform is for risk traders + people who know what is really going on in trading !

Great information about the bitmex leverage trading ...
But there is 1 problem in bitmex trading if we predict
Wrong then we will lose our 100% fund or only bid
amount ...
Reply Your view...

work like you are doing will result you block on steemit ..

bhai aap same post daloge to apko steemit waale block kar denge.

up vote for up vote

hey bro which other exchanges offer leverage trading other than bitmex..?

you can try poloniex for leverage trading , if you are Indian, you can leverage trade at Bitbns

bhai mere kya realy mai asa hota hao ager hota hai to dabul profit ho jayga fir to bhout ashi bat hai
or ek steemit ki tarah (copy) mai ek or platform aa gyaa hai vo bhe steemit ki taran e
thanks again

Thanks for sharing us those idea Ya I think You ar right way sir you ar only the person who gives us right choice to chose

Hello sir, Your blog is very good. Which has a lot of good information which can be very much influenced by you and is very much influenced by your blog.

@engineermabbas thanks for giving time to read my blog my friend :)

Spotcoin’s place in the NEO universe

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Full Article : https://medium.com/spotcoin/spotcoins-place-in-the-neo-universe-9c6688696c23


Ya You Ar right sir As my way I want to say yu that in crypto field many times study chart goes failer so As my way be closed your eyes and invest on it .

Yup... Totally Helpfull. I'm just thinking about this only and you post it. @moneyguruu
Also check my posts @crypto.update

Today you will even see video on channel about it ..

That's Awesome.
Waiting For It.

Sir I have some experience in Forex trading especially margin trading leverage trading sir this is too much risky for beginners You do not even know and your account gets lost My Kind advice for beginners please complete study about leverage trading before any trade.

@moneyguruu sir its really very great but this highly risky too. but without risk success can never b achieved this is also true...

No broter, i dont take risk . It is dangerous.Thiis can only done by whom which know which have gambling mind

This is just one of option brother no one is saying you to do it . Its just option for traders who wish to take risk to earn in return .

Yes bro i know and please check my post

Thats really great platform to get rich in short time