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RE: Bitcoin Smart Money Sentiment 10/18/18 – Smart Money Sentiment Remains High

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10X is not only possible, I think it gets their by 2020. There is so much happening with the big financial firms to set themselves up for institutional money... We only need one significant piece of good news, like an ETF, or TD Ameritrade, with 11M customers joining an industry consortium to bring a competitive platform to the ICE's BAKKT that itself will launch (its crypto exchange with custodial service for large institutional customers) in November. The industry consortium plans to launch theirs by Q1 2019. Then, Fidelity with $2.2T under management and 26M US accounts is launching a separate company that will allow its customers to directly invest in cryptos by the end of 2018. There are a growing number of platforms that will offer custodial services that will actually hold the crypto assets for big institutional investors. The rocket is ready for its fuse to be lit!


Your comment is so on point, I'm very bullish because of the Smart Money entering the space. Great points for any of those that are skeptical.