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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Triangle of Bear Flag?

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

Anxiously paying attention to your analysis. I'm trying to learn Elliot waves from your tutorials and I've noticed something, is it even possible?

I entered bitcoin at 14400, I'm a bit worried. Thinking about ending at 12000 @ about 10% loss and come back when it goes down.


Yeah, I'm back here. Since I plot my ideas first in the morning and after that I search for news to justify the price, as Haejin always advise. I just heard that the Korean ban on cryptos is NOT true, that justify the sudden big fear dips caused by mass spread of the ban news.

of course this is possible, just check @haejin's latest videos, it is exactly one of his alternate counts ;-)

Will check it now, I only do it after I try on my own. for the porpouse of learning

thats a great strategie which I'm actually applying by myself, I read the titles first and then check the solution ;-) Wishing you best of luck for your studies, hopefully you got the books, they are great!

Ah I'll sure check the books, I just needed some more hours in a day hahahah. I don't even have much time to update my steemit posts =s

I know that feeling.. the time I got into cryptos was when I was badly sick at home and finally at some spare time.. :-) hopefully learning this new skill will help me to get a little more independent from my regular job