Who's The Secret Behind Bitcoin?

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It's been more than 9 years since the first person who named himself Satoshi Nakamoto pressed the keys on his computer keyboard on January 03, 2009. That's when the genesis block in Bitcoin is active and with recorded hash value 000000000019d6689085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f`

Not only that, he seemed to write a sentence that sounded quite satir flicking banking that is considered a total failure at that time, especially economic recession and bailout that must be borne by the customer:

The Time 03 / Januari / 2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.

Since the big break, the Blockchain system seems so familiar to internet users. The beginning of the Bitcoin price is not very valuable and is known only to a few people. But the new system introduced is able to attract many people and have advantages over the banking system today.

Until the end of Bitcoin's value has skyrocketed since 2014, the decreasing production volume coupled with more and more demand makes the price of Bitcoin crawl up. But many people are still asking who the secret figure. He uses the name Anonymous namely Satoshi Nakamoto. Who is he?

Guess who's a secret figure named Satoshi Nakamoto?

There are still many people who wonder who the mysterious figure behind the name of Satoshi Nakamoto originator Genesis Block on Bitcoin. There are many important roles he performs, ranging from the first person to develop software from Bitcoin Core, a concocted cryptographic concept to be applied in the payment process.

Here are a number of names up to the group that allows is the secret figure behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto, cekidot:

Gavin Andresen and Jon Matonis

Gavin himself had a big role in the development of crypto currency, he was assigned directly by Satoshi in developing the main software from Bitcoin. He was asked directly by Satoshi for the development of the implementation of the reference software available in Bitcoin.

Then Gavin invites his close friend and partner Jon Matonis. Jon Matonis's great role as an e-money expert is able to expand the promotion of Bitcoin. And in 2012, they both agreed to establish Bitcoin Foundation in the maintenance of the Bitcoin system.

Currently Gavin is no longer active in the development of the Bitcoin system but has been focused on developing the Foundation. While Jon prefers as a Contributor and Editor in the famous crypto magazine Coindesk.

Their role as Satoshi's right hand certainly made them know the secret figure. Although the conversation is only via in the virtual world, but it proves they are both enough with Satoshi and know the true figure.

Craig Stephen Wright

A computer science expert and businessman from Australia has a close relationship with the emergence of bitcoin in early 2009. Many sources say that Craig is a group incorporated in the development of Blockchain system on Bitcoin. In addition he is also one of the figures who signed a key message.

His ability in the field of computing and businessman reliable to make him have access that is strong enough in the world of Blockchain. Not only that, he is also CEO of a technology company called Hotwire Preemptive Intelligence Group which is planning to launch the world's first crypto bank called Denariuz Bank.

The allegations were more complete until finally the Australian federal police ransacked the contents of his home because it could have been tax abuse through digital assets. The result is nil and Craig can not be proved as the first person or group to launch Bitcoin.

Cyperpunk secret group

His role in the development of the cyberpunk community, especially in the 90s, seemed to have a big role in the emergence of Bitcoin. His nanny is Finney and his colleague Jim Bell who then formulates two major components in the digital market. One of them is an encrypted message capable of being sent on the internet as well as an anonymous currency.

Cyberpunk groups seem to set the basics of the crypto currency system as it is today. One of them is Blind Signature which is then applied so that the bank can not identify who will pay.

Not only that, Hal Finney also first created the Proof of Work system which is then very well known in the Bitcoin system. His big role in Cyberpunk seemed to make him the person behind Satoshi or even who introduced Satoshi about the actual Blockchain system before it was applied.

Nick Szabo

He is one of the computer experts, law scholars, and experts of cryptography from America. The best graduate from Washington of the University has a variety of journals that reveal about cryptography to the idea of ​​the creation of digital currency in the 90s. One of his journals is about Smart Contact which is about the process of trading and digital transactions with others.

Late in the 90s he then said it would appear that digital gold value is quite valuable and facilitate the process of transactions between people without distance and minimal cost. This concept is very similar to Bitcoin. Not only that, to get digital gold it needs a complicated puzzle solving to get that limited gold.

Its decentralized nature without being tied to the bank and every transaction will be recorded clearly on the digital record. As if explaining the basic concept implanted by Szabo is proof he knows a lot about Bitcoin which is then successfully published 10 years into the future.

Various conjectures refer to his hypothesis and also his idea to make him one of the people who have a big role in the development of crypto currency or even he was behind the guise. But Szabo denied it and he was not involved in the development. What is your opinion?

Dorian Nakamoto

An elderly-faced, worn-out old man is often regarded by Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, the last name of Dorian who has a suffix Nakamoto, he is also often described as a secret figure.

So many pictures circulating on the Internet are the drawings because almost all cryptographers are not from Japan. Unfortunately again it is a false report spread by the media until everyone comes to his house just want to convince the public that is Satoshi actually. Dorian himself did not have the slightest abilities about the world of Blockchain.

Now in his 67 years of age, he receives media arrivals very often and makes him often come as a fake Satoshi in every big Bitcoin forum. I think this way is enough to eliminate the thirst of the media to tell Satoshi figure to the common people.

Satoshi who remains a secret figure

For him the figure is not very important but the development of Bitcoin and Blockchain is now more important. He was able to break the dominance of banks that have long fooled the public. A highly democratic decentralization system that benefits all parties seems to overthrow the centralized system held by important people alone.

More than 9 years and now crypto currency has started to be known by many layers of society. When the former Blockchain system in the form of financial systems and crypto currency. Satoshi's great service and all those who are still mysterious proves the direction of change and transparency is more important than who he really is. Please comment and hopefully inspire.

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