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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: A Small Correction to Complete Head & Shoulders..And an Intro to New Technique! Find out more in this Analysis!

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Master haijin sorry but we can not see the timeline at the bottom of the screen on the right side because of your header being placed there. It prevents seeing how far into the future your waves go. Could you maybe place it in the center top away from important information? Thanks


The time line is often somewhat speculative, as these things tend to stretch out. For instance....I'm short on BTC right now (not recommended by the way) and expected a drop last night....but it's going to stretch the drop all through the day. I only mention this because very often traders try to nail the timing to the tee, and that's not a very prudent strategy. Thus laddering in allow for the wave to develop on it's own time, and allows some flexibility in your buys. I know this doesn't solve the issue you brought up, just a note from someone who has learned this many many times the hard way planning on my counts to work to my timeline. The counts may be correct, but it's very tough to judge the real amount of time it will take to form the wave. Happy Trading Dale!

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