Correction finally over?

in #bitcoin3 years ago


I came across this very nicely looking chart of btcusd.

Comparing our current correction in bitcoin world to those of the couple of months ago.

The Rsi (relative strenght index) is at its very low again! And since our last peak of btc we dropped a wopping 50%!

To be honest I think in Februari we will se some beautifull projects moon again.

I am very bullish on Vechain cant stop talking about it and during this correction it even made a higher high. Lucky for me a big portion of my portfolio is VEN.

bold oh and its not to late to enter VEN. Their rebranding is still on its way!

What are your opions on the correction and what do you think of Vechain! :)

Have a great day!


I tend to agree with your comments here. Will have to look into VEN, thanks for posting!

Yeah look into VEN! They have very big partnerships and going to add so much value to the real world. :)

Nope the corrections is not quite over as yet, I wonder what's the hold up.

Why do you think it has yo go lower? To be honest I also think btc has to go to atleast arround 7000 or 8000 dollar.

I am not sure, I am about to do some research to find out why.