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Hello everyone. I wanted to give some points of merit to this platform to undermine bitcoins.
A company based in Thailand that has been stable for some years.
No, there are many mining sites that are safe, even if security working online is never 100%. The site offers various types of contracts and you can rent or buy the gh / s you want. The contractions available are these: 3 Months Mining-6 Months Mining-1 Year Mining-3 Years Mining-15 Years Mining-Lifetime Mining, clearly each contract offers a return percentage that starts from 30% from the 3 month contract and then arrives to give you 10,000% to the lifetime contract.
I work in other mining sites, and I have to say others to cryptomoningfarm, there is only one other that gives me satisfaction, the others have continuous changes and change types of contract when the bitcoin rises or falls. I want to post a screenshot of my last payment yesterday, with instant payment and in addition your security on the mining account on scams, with the respective confirmation email confirmation.
That's why I recommend it, and at least try the platform with a minimum 3 month contract, also because by making a lifetime contract with the minimum investment possible, it would take a few months before you can get back on your initial investment.
Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy my opinion and good luck to everyone!!

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